Great dining experience at Simba Hill Gourmet Hall, Bukit Gambang Safari Park

Really, I am not into blogging about food but I have to blog about this one. Love the food and the place!

gourmet hall

We were so hungry and this was the first restaurant we saw and just went inside to look at the menu. Once inside, I was mesmerised by the interior design. I think it’s beautiful.

gh1Diners can throw a view outside to see white lions.

gh2Beautiful lion print and original paintings to decorate the wall.

gh3More paintings and tables at one corner.

After admiring the hall, we ordered the food. We had Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread, Prawn Aglio Olio and Black Pepper Steak.



gh7The food was superb! I commend the chef for the taste and the presentation. If you plan to visit Bukit Gambang Safari Park, you must drop by this Simba Hill Gourmet Hall and dine here. I am not paid for this but I truly want to share the experience.

Simba Hill Gourmet Hall opens from  2.00pm – 10.00pm and serves western-style, local delights and vegetarian food. The Hall can serve up to 200 person where it is the best place for functions or birthday parties.

You might hear roaring lions while dining. Be ready, this is what this safari-theme restaurant is offering. Roarrr!!


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JW Marriot Ramadhan Buffet 2013

Alhamdulillah, my son Yassin completed his fasting yesterday and got to experience his first hotel break-fasting. Truly thankful for the invitation extended by JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

yassin-at-JWM2Yassin break-fasting by the Poolside, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

I was there last year and happy to to know that JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur maintained its long-standing tradition of serving nenek’s traditional recipes for its buka puasa buffet. There are a total of 138 nenek‘s dishes served at the buffet and the recipes were/are all handed down from the grandmothers of the chefs at the JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur. In addition, there are also some 30-odd modern dishes interpreted by the chefs themselves.

The feast features some harder to find dishes such as Rendang Kerang, Daging Salai Masak Lemak dengan Bachang, Sambal Udang dengan Petai and Tongkeng Ayam Goreng Cili -these made from authentic recipes learnt at nenek’s hearth. Sweet endings come in the form of the Gerai Bubur-serving a selection of sweet fruit and legume porridges, and the ever popular shaved ice and rose syrup creation, Ais Kacang, both providing perfect options to ending the meal.

Here’s some pictures of the deliciously lingering mouthwatering awesome dishes:

menu01Rendang Kerang, Rendang Ayam and Daging Salai Masak Lemak dengan Bachang.

menu02Ayam Percik, Sup Ekor and Kerabu Pucuk Paku.

menu03Pulut dan Serunding Daging, Satay and Bubur Cha-Cha.

For those who yearn for nenek‘s recipes, I recommend this Ramadhan Buffet at JW Marriott KL. Below are the details:

Location: The Poolside, 6th Floor and Starhill Conference Centre, 4th floor.
Price: RM75.00++/person at The Poolside and RM65.00++/person at the Conference Centre.  Children ages 6 to 12 dining at either venue may enjoy the buffet at half price.
Time: 7.00pm to 10.30pm daily (until eve of Syawal)
Reservation: Call 03-2719 8666 or e-mail

Please note that Prayer Room or Surau is located on Level B3.

And here’s one of the dishes that made me drool even more yesterday:

sambalbelacanSambal belacan!

Glossary: Nenek- Grandmother

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A Perennial Feast by YTL Hotels

YTL Hotels, in remaining true to its philosophy of crafting inspired experiences, unveiled it’s much anticipated coffee table book, A Perennial Feast, at Starhill Culinary Studio, Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.

A Perennial Feast
A Perennial Feast. The beautiful cover features Cameron Highland tea plantation as backdrop.

The book was launched yesterday by Dato’ Yeoh Soo Min, Executive Director of YTL Corporation with the presence of the writer, Kim Inglis, A British writer and book editor based in Singapore.

Dato’ Yeoh Soo Min and Kim Inglis.

Written by Kim Inglis and published by Talisman Publishing, A Perennial Feast delves into a variety of cuisines and cultures from Malaysia and Southeast Asia into China, Japan and Europe, while featuring some of the world’s finest resorts and luxurious destinations from YTL Hotels.

Beginning in Malaysia, the heart and home of of YTL group, this book showcases both island resorts and city heritage hotels and restaurants, all the while giving an overview of Malay cuisine. Recipes of traditional Malay fare are combined with some East meets West fusion food and some innovative seafood dishes. The book then branches further afield into a snowy landscapes of Hokkaido and the cityscape of modern Shanghai, exploring both recipes and cuisines from Japan and China.Sections on England, Bali, Thailand and France follow – all showcasing iconic properties in stunning full color photography by Danish photographer, Jacob Termansen.

Foodies will savour the finest in gastronomy with sustainable ingredients and preparations from the simple to complex, the natural to exuberant. At-home chefs will find the carefully researched signature dishes easy to recreate in their own kitchens. All in all, this book is a veritable feast for the eyes and palette – and will delight those interested in culinary adventure. Each cuisine is described in details and the highlights of the various restaurants are outlined. There are starters, soups, a selection of main courses, and desserts – from all corners of the globe – and a variety of drinks that harness ingredients, tastes, textures from many different sources.

Now that I own A Perennial Feast, I will find time to ‘travel’ and cook in the comfort of my own home. I don’t often cook but it’ll be a challenge to try a recent favourite, Steamed Fillet of Saltwater Barramundi served with bird’s eye chili, roasted baby eggplant and pumpkin sauce, that I got to taste after the launching of the book.

Steamed Fillet
Simply delicious! Takes me right away to Fisherman’s Cove, overlooking the sea front of Pangkor Laut Resort. OK, I have never been to this resort but at least this cuisine takes me there.

Here are more photos from my international culinary journey through a four-course artful dinner at the private Third Floor Gallery located at JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur. Led by Chef Wai, chefs from various restaurants of YTL Hotels came together to prepare the dinner.

YTL Hotels' chefs
YTL Hotels’ chefs.

My dedicated table.

Amuse Bouche of Snow White Dancing Prawns from Shook! Kuala Lumpur.

Chef Tommy from Japan preparing our next cuisine.

Soft Shell Maki and Kaki Agebonoyaki from Gonbei San, Japan.

Main Courses served in a plate: Pressed Chicken Saute and Steamed Fillet of Saltwater Barramundi from Fisherman’s Cove, PangkorLaut.

Gariguette Strawberries from Muse Saint Tropez to conclude the night.

These delicious cuisines and many more in A Perennial Feast, which is available at Kinokuniya, Borders, MPH Bookstores, Times the Bookshop and WH Smith at the price of RM125 per copy. Go get yours today and create YTL Hotels’ dinner or lunch in your own home. Alternatively, you can travel to one of YTL’s exotic hotels or restaurants as you’ll get a real gastronomic experience with the original settings.



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All year round Lemang Panas No. 1

We all know that Lemang (glutinous rice stuffed in hollowed bamboo and cooked over charcoal fire) is a popular traditional food during Hari Raya and we know that is is abundantly available throughout the festive season but do you know where to look for it during normal days?

One place to look for Lemang is at Lemang Panas No. 1 stall situated at Kilometer 30 Layby, Karak Expressway (E8) situated in the vicinity of Gombak, Selangor. I often dropped by here whenever I was East Coast bound.

Lemang Panas No. 1 is quite popular amongst those who travel along the expressway mostly for its hot Lemang and various choices of rendang. Rendangs are readily packed for takeaways. Choices of rendang include quail rendang, beef rendang, chicken rendang, mutton chicken and venison rendang. Other than rendang there are also meat and chicken floss. If you like sambal, there’s sambal petai.

Here is the complete price list of Lemang and its dishes.

So, if you happen to drive along Karak Highway and have that sudden urge to eat Lemang, do drop by Kilometer 30 Layby. To reach here, just be aware of the small kilometer markers along the expressway. Be on the lookout for lorries layby area because that’s where the stall is situated. Parking your car here is not a problem as there’s ample parking space. If you just want to go and eat, bear in mind that the nearest U-turn is at Genting Sempah Interchange, Pahang. It sounds like far but really, it is not that far.


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Glutinous rice with salted fish and grated coconut in Ampang for breakfast

It has been few months already that I frequented a local stall that serves Glutinous Rice with Salted Fish and Grated Coconut, or locally known as Pulut Ikan Masin dengan Kelapa Parut. I discovered the stall while driving in the vicinity of the place I live in looking for breakfast.

Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang is the name of the stall. Previously, Cik Ani sells goreng pisang (fried bananas) only in the afternoon but throughout the years, she expanded her stall to serve more authentic dishes for breakfast, lunch and tea-time. My top favourite here is Pulut Ikan Masin.

Pulut Ikan Masin is very common in the upper east coast of Peninsular Malaysia as well as other parts of Southeast Asia; namely Thailand, Burma, Laos and Indonesia. A cup of glutinous rice has about 150 calories, 2 very small cut of salted-fish has about 50 calories and another 50 for a spoon of grated coconut. In total, a plate of Pulut Ikan Masin has about 200 calories. I am highlighting it in case you need to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

So, if you are craving for Pulut Ikan Masin, come to Bukit Belacan (Lembah Jaya Utara), Ampang, Selangor and look for Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang. You can ask for additional spicy sambal if you like and the price for a plate is RM2. It is only available during breakfast time from 7am to 11am, Monday to Saturday.

Gerai Cik Ani Goreng Pisang is located at the main road of Jalan Bukit Belacan, just in front of the 4th building of Permai Flats where a musolla (surau) is situated. There is also a grocery shop in front of Gerai Cik Ani.

Gerai Cik Ani is a typical by the road-side stall with only canopies to cover our head from the sun and the rain.  Expect to see a view of the locals; some waiting for bus, some driving out and about doing their chores and some in sporty attire walking/jogging their way to the nearby Ampang Forest Reserve. The area is very much a residence area where you can see few blocks of flats, surau, small shops, small houses, big houses, lush forest or even trace of people climbing up a hill nearby to put up flags.Very interesting view to complement a plate Pulut Ikan Masin dengan Kelapa Parut.

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Ramadhan Buffet 2012 at JW Marriott KL

Muslims all around the world will abstain from food and drink, through fasting, from dawn to sunset. At sunset, families will gather for the fast-breaking meal known Iftar. It is a trend now that Iftar has grown into banquet festivals—a time where we can invite our family members, friends and colleagues to break fast together in one place. And it is becoming popular that grandmother’s recipes are incorporated into the menu as well in the buffet. I have been invited for a Ramadhan Buffet preview at JW Marriott KL and I must say was impressed with the many traditional dishes on the list.

With a kampong ambience, JW Marriott KL will be serving over 130 different dishes from various states of Malaysia. Among typical Malay dishes include Daging Salai Masak Lemak dengan Bachang, Tongkeng Ayam Goreng Bercili, Kupang Masak Rampai, Sambal Udang dengan Petai, Tempe Goreng Bercili, Daging Cincang Asam Pedas, Rendang Daging and Ikan Keli Goreng Berlada. These scrumptious traditonal dishes are prepared by Chef Jamal and his team.

Picture credit: JW Marriott KL

The extensive spread of authentic Malay cuisine includes the ever popular Malay ulam or salad selection such as petai, kacang botol, ulam raja, and Jantung Pisang, complemented by local versions of dressings such as sambal belacan, cencaluk, budu and tempoyak.

Local appetizers to whet our appetite are acar buah, acar jelateh and keropok ikan. Some of the local favourites featured at the happening hotel’s Ramadhan bazaar stalls are nasi dagang, satay, ikan bakar, roasted lamb, chicken tandoori, roti canai, chicken rice, gado-gado, rojak buah, ais kacang, a fresh fruit station, a local delicacies station and many more.

For those who yearn for the traditional kampong experience with friends and family, I recommend this Ramadhan Buffet at JW Marriott KL. Below are the details:

Location: The Poolside area on the 6th Floor and the Starhill Conference Centre on the 4th floor. (Please note that Prayers Room or Surau is located on Level B3.)
Price: RM70.00++/person at The Poolside and RM60.00++/person at the Conference Centre.
Time: 7.00pm to 10.30pm
Reservation: Call 03-2719 8666 or e-mail

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Breakfast at Papparich

When I was not up to driving to Ampang Point for a breakfast at Delifrance, I will take a short drive to Ampang Avenue (about 5 minutes from my home) and take my breakfast at Papparich Ampang. I love the breakfast here especially the Porridge with Half-boiled Egg (with Coffee ). A set of this including 10% service charge is RM6.50. Very cheap, right?

I think Papparich opens as early as 7am. Other breakfast set includes English Breakfast, Nasi Lemak and Multi Grain Bun (with hot cereal soya/hot corn soya). Drooling? Check out the locations here.

LOL, don’t I prepare my own breakfast? I do. I go for breakfast hunt only 1 or 2 times per week.


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Breakfast at Delifrance #ampang

I have this habit of taking coffee or late breakfast at local cafes. One cafe that I frequented is Delifrance situated at Ampang Point shopping complex. I normally do this at 10am, finish it by 10.45am and rush to pick up my son at 11am. As I live somewhere in Ampang, I only look for cafes located in Ampang.

I love to go to Delifrance because the breakfast set is cheap, less than RM10. Breakfast set offered includes Traditional, Sunny and Soup & Bread.

This Delifrance outlet opens only at 10am as it is located inside the complex. Typical opening time for almost all shopping complex is 10am. Exception for those located outside the building; some open at 8.30am, some 9.00am. I surely miss having breakfast as San Francisco Coffee, previously located at the second entrance opposite the parking area. The place is now occupied by Starbuck Coffee.

Here’s my sunny breakfast! And coffee, of course.


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