Featured in ProjectLife365

If you follow me on Instagram, I think you already got the idea that I love to take photos. To me photography is art, much like painting, that allows me to express my feeling and emotions. If brushes and canvas are my main tools is painting, camera and the world represent just that in my world of photography. I am not a pro but I try to better myself in photography in terms of composition and angle.

So, this year I joined a project called ProjectLife365; an interactive photo-a-day-challenge that helps develop visual literacy by giving daily prompts that engage imagination. Been posting since week 3 (missing out on earlier weeks but catching up) and to my surprise, my photo was featured last Wednesday for ‘arrangement’ daily prompt.

Featured in PL365


Do follow me on Instagram (username: emilayusof) as I also share my travel pictures locally and internationally. Do visit ProjectLife365 if you are interested to join in the interactive photo-a-day-challenge.

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