BACA’s Meet The Author Series 2016: Emila Yusof

Last Saturday, I was given the honour to be the first author to appear in BACA’s Meet The Author Series 2016 at BACA – The Reading Room & Cafe, Temerloh, Pahang.

Apart from signing books, I conducted a drawing workshop, where children learned how to draw Dina, a girl protagonist in my books: My Mother’s Garden, My Mother’s Kitchen and My’ Father’s Farm.

18 children turned up and we had fun drawing Dina together. Here are some of the artworks done by the beautiful and bright children:


Here’s one special drawing (based on the cover of my book: My Father’s Farm) by Aina who travelled from KL to attend the workshop:


More pictures from the workshop:




Kids at work.


Fatin Irdina.


Zheng Ji.



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Bookaroo Fest 2015


Pustaka Negeri Sarawak working together with Bookaroo Trust will organize the Pustaka Bookaroo Childrens Literature Festival 2015. The festival will be held this coming 28-29 March 2015 the week after mid term school holidays.

Bookaroo is a charitable trust committed to bringing children and books together to spread the joy of reading. Started in India in 2008, the 7th Bookaroo Childrens Literature Festival was held in Delhi on 29-30 November 2014.

The Pustaka – Bookaroo Childrens Literature Festival 2015 is expected to bring together local and foreign authors, illustrators, story tellers, publishers, editors and book lovers. Among those who will be participating are The Storywallahs – Ameen ul Haque, Anushka, Ary NILANDARI, Dewi TrI KUSUMAH, Emila YUSOF, Golda MOWE, Heidi MUNANJADE, Jade FANG, Jantan UMBAT, Jean VOON, Ng Kok KEONG, Parnab MUKHERJEE, Rosemarie SOMAIAH, Sarah MOUNSEY, Sophie DEWAYANI, Stephanie WONG, Tanya BATTVASHTI and Vashti LIONG.

This festival aims to promote literature and reading among children and also to promote the development of knowledge, theory and practice of reading, writing and discussing aspects of fiction and non-fiction.

Not only that, it also aims to enhance public awareness and consciousness of the necessity of making children understand the importance of reading, literature from various states and countries, authors and make reading a fun venture, not a chore.

Meanwhile, The Bookaroo In The City program which is a visit program to several schools in Kuching City will be held on 23 & 27 March 2015. This would also help to encourage reading habit among students. Local book industries are expected to get positive impact from this festival.

Members of the public are invited to this festival. Admission is free. For further information, please contact Japri Bujang Masli or Razak Rambili at 082-442000 ext 103 / 348 or /

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Read, Sketch and Travel

Ok, I just got to know that The Borders has arranged for my slot ‘Read, sketch and travel with Emila Yusof’ at Georgetown Literary Festival. I will bring all my Moleskine sketchbooks along with my picture books. Dec 1, 3.30pm-5pm. Venue: 179, Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang.

I dunno what to talk about but I can show my sketchbooks. LOL.

Comelah, if you like to see my sketchbooks.


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MBKM’s 50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2013

Here is the list of MBKM’s 50 Best Malaysian Titles 2013 for easy reference to those who wants to know the titles that made it to the list.

I took the time to copy from the catalogue (with permission) and re-write the whole thing, should you want to use this list, please credit the information to: MBKM and (this post). It should be linked like this: Credits: MBKM and 50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2013 @ .

Fiction /Malay


1. Jika Esok Tiba (If Tomorrow Comes) – collection of short stories that cover various themes and issues across Malaysia’s multi-cultural society. Author: Anwar Ridhwan, Pubsliher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

2. Seri Dewi Malam – A love story that is full of complexity. This novel highlights the idea of finding a life partner, death and fortune that have been determined by Allah. Author: Affifudin Haji Omar, Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

3. Lara – A story of a woman who suffered from cancer fights to survive. Author: Azmah Nordin, Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

4. Sunan Musafir – Saifudin, Admiral of Sunan was now retired but his past caught up with him. Author: Ramli Awang Murshid, Publisher: Alaf 21 Sdn Bhd.

5. Rindu Aroma Padi Bunting – ‘Longing for the fragrant smell of rice’ – the story of two families, one from Malaysia, the other from Makasar. Author: Arena Wati, Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

6.  Serang Hendap Ulu Lenggong – The Ambush at Ulu Lenggong tells of the fiercest battle with the communists. Author: Mohd Radzi Abd Hamid, Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

7. Wajah Seorang Wanita (Portrait of a Woman) – The story of a Kelantanese woman who overcame life’s tragedies with strength.  Author: S. Othman Kelantan, Publisher: Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM)

Fiction /English


8. Bayu – An American boy has been kidnapped in Malaysia. A crime novel. Author: Rozlan Mohd Noor, Publisher: Silverfish Books Sdn Bhd.

9. The Sum of our Follies Story of a fictitious small town in Malaysia that captures the essence of the whole country. Author: Shih Li Kow, Publisher: Silverfish Books Sdn Bhd.

10. Anakara House – Story of recent emigrants from India to Malaya who are torn between the new and old world. Author: Matthew Thomas, Publisher: Silverfish Books Sdn Bhd.

11. Readings from Readings 2 – Second collection of stories, poems and essays from Kuala Lumpur’s longest running literary events, Readings@Seksan and CeritAku. Editor: Bernice Chauly/Sharon Bakar, Publisher: Word Works Sdn Bhd.

Fiction / Chinese


12. Fantastic Lion Dance Troupe – A group of students work hard to be part of the Lion Dance Troupe. Author: Yap Shang Yong, Publisher: Odonata Publishing Sdn Bhd.

13. You, Me, Zero Distance – A story of a father, a daughter and the generation gap. Author: Sam Yi Sen, Publisher: Odonata Publishing Sdn Bhd.

14. The Bride’s Veil – A young couple’s happiness was shortlived when the Japanese invaded. Author: Khor Ewe Pin, Publisher: Odonata Publishing Sdn Bhd.



15. The Jugra Chronicles Rigih and The Witch of Moon Lake continues the story of Bongsu. Author: Tutu Dutta-Yean/Tan Vay Fern (Illustrator), Publisher: MPH Group Publishing.

16. Jejak Monpus – On the Trail of Monpus tells of an insect lover who discovered a new caterpillar species. Author: Zulaiha Paikon, Publisher: Pelangi Novel Sdn Bhd.

17. Bright Times – Five students try to save their school from being closed down. Author: Khor Ewe Pin, Publisher: Pelangi Novel Sdn Bhd.

18. Haikal Haziq – Identical twins Haikal and Haziq look the same but are different otherwise. Author: Rosdell M.A., Publisher: Buku Prima, Karangkraf.

Art & Crafts

19. Rupa & Jiwa – Form & Spirit – A book that analyses Malay art and craft. Author: Syed Ahmad Jamal (1929-2011), Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.


20. Veritas 1987-2012 – A compilation of more than 50 projects worldwide by Veritas Design Group. Authors: Robert Powell/Lau Su Vin, Publisher: Veritas Management Sdn Bhd.


21. Portraits of Penang: Little India – A celebration of Little India with photographs and accompanying essays. Photographer: Ooi Cheng Ghee, Authors: Gareth Richards, Himanshu Bhatt, Publisher: Areca Books.


22. Kaleidoscope The memoirs of PG Lim -a remarkable and eventful life at the heart of Malaysian affairs. Author: P.G. Lim, Publisher: Strategic Information & Research Development (SIRD).


23. Kuala Lumpur-Berlin – Writings from Malaysia and Germany. Editors: Hedy Holzwarth, Holger Warnk, Volker Wolf, Publisher: Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM).

24. Kuntum Biru Kembang Lestari – Blooms of Blue Flowers is a collection of writings and reflections by National Laureate (1991) Muhammad Haji Salleh. Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia.



25. Halal Guidebook Guide for Halal food producers to ensure compliance. Publisher: Halal Industry Development Corporation.

26. Atlas of Food Exchanges & Portion Sizes Food preparation for health professionals and the general reader. Authors: Dr Suzana Shahar, Dr Noor Aini Mohd Yusoff, Dr Nik Shanita Safii, Rafidah Ghazali, Roslina Ahmad, Publisher: MDC Publishers.

27. Nostalgia Medan Selera Nostalgic Food Court is a collection of recipes by the late Ahmad bin Yaacob Al-Johori, caterer for royal weddings. Author: Faizah Aziz-Wells, Publisher: Shakespot Sdn Bhd.



28. History of the Dutch in Malaysia In 1641 the Dutch wrested Malacca from th Portuguese and occupied it for the next 160 years. Author: Dennis De Witt, Publisher: Nutmeg Publishing.

29. Penang: The Fourth Presidency of India 1805-1830 – Early settlement in Penang with paintings, engravings and maps. Author: Marcus Langdon, Publisher: Areca Books.



30. Traditional Islamic Architecture of Malaysia Mosques, palaces, religious schools and homes. Author: Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi, Publisher: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

31a. Great Stories from the Quran: The 25 Prophets.  Publisher: Kualiti Books Sdn Bhd.

31b. Prophet Muhammad SAW; The Last Messenger of Allah SWT. Publisher: Kualiti Books Sdn Bhd.

32. Ensiklopedia Al-Quran – A comprehensive encyclopedia of the Al-Quran and its journey as a holy book for Muslims. Author: Syeikh Muhd Mujahid, Publisher: Must Read Sdn Bhd.

33. Pengajian Islam (Islamic Studies) – Reference book to help readers understand Islam as an integrated way of life. Author: Roziah Sidik, Zulkarnain Mohamed, NAsruddin Yuno, Publisher: Oxford Fajar Sdn Bhd.


34. Kumpulan Puisi Terpilih Baha Zain – Collection of poems by Baha Zain, National Laureate (2013). Author: Baha Zain, Publisher: Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM).

35. 1000 Pantun Puitis: Mencari Diri Mencari Erti – 1000 Pantun, the Malay poetic form, by National Laureate (2011) Ahmad Kamal Abdullah. Author: Kemala, Publisher: Universiti Putra Malaysia.


36. Raja Perlembagaan Malaysi: Raja-Raja Melayu & Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Abad 21 – The first book to compile all the facts and information on the Malaysian Constitutional Monarchy institution. Author: Roslan Mohammed, Publisher: Kaedah Kota Management (M) Sdn Bhd.

37. Malaysia-Perancis: Menelusuri Jati Diri – A book that celebrates the relationship between Malaysia and France that began decades ago. Author: Stephane Dovert, Publisher: Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM).

38. Malaysian Studies – Reference book on how the country was formed and how it has evolved. Author: Mardiana Nordin, Hasnah Hussiin, Publisher: Oxford Fajar Sdn Bhd.

39. Pantun Pilihan Peranakan Baba Negeri Selat, 1910-1930an – 1,343 pantun verses from the Peranakan people give an insight into their culture. Author: Ding Choo Ming, Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia.

40. Ensera Ayor: Epik Rakyat Iban – A folk epic from Iban about the warrior, Ayor. Author: Noria Taslim, Chemaline Osup, Publisher: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia.


41. The Green Frontier: A Malaysian Journey – Tells the experiences of Malaysians who chose to live, work and play in a planet-friendly way using green technology. Author: Cecelia Alphonsus, Joanne Lim, Intan Jailani, Editor: Chan Li Jin Publisher: E-Magineers (M) Sdn. Bhd.


42. A Backpack and A Bit of Luck – A collection of travel narratives from all over the world. Author: Zhang Su Li, Publisher: MPH Group Publishing.

Children Books


43. Folk Tales Series & Animal Fables Series Favourite Malaysian stories for children. Author: Various, Publisher: Institut Terjemahan dan Buku Malaysia (ITBM).

44a. My Mother’s Kitchen – A little girl enjoys watching her mother in the kitchen. Author/Illustrator: Emila Yusof, Publisher: Oyez Books

44b. Princesses of Malaysia – Stories of legendary princesses of Malaysia. Illustrator: Emila Yusof, Re-told by: Raman, Publisher: Oyez Books

45. Dill the Little Elephant – Dill was separated from the herd and goes on a journey to look for his parents. Author: Ming and Volker, Illustrator: Yusof Gajah, Publisher: Oyez Books

46a. A Cake Reaching to the Sky – A boy makes a cake to reach out to his dead grandmother. Author/Illustrator: Norico Chua, Publisher: Magicbird

46b. Do Noses Grow Long When Lies are Told? A book to encourage thinkers. Author: C.K.Koh & Quek Sue Yian; Illustrator: C.K.Koh (Illustrator), Publisher: Magicbird


47. Kuso High School – A hilarous collection of the different groups at school. Author/Illustrator: Keith, Publisher: Gala Unggul Resources.

48. X-Venture: Dinosaur Kingdom – The X-Venture Xplorers are trapped in the Precambrian period 570 million years ago. Author: Redcode & Albbie, Comics by Air Team, Publisher: Gala Unggul Resources.

49. Super Safee SS10 Comic Series – comprising of Semangat Harimau Malaya (Spirit of the Tiger of Malaya), Memburu Impian (Chasing Dream) and Pantang Menyerah Kalah (Say No to Defeat). Author: Ben, Publisher: PTS Media Group.

50. Raihan Rangerz – Four young men have been trained to be Raihan Rangerz. Their mission: Earth’s well-being. Comes with DVDs. Editor: Nurul Ashikin, Illustrator/Aninator: SABA Animation Team, Publisher: SABA Islamic Media

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Malaysian publishers exhibiting at Frankfurt Bookfair 2013

Year 2013 will see that 1o book publishers (plus 1 illustrator) from Malaysia will be participating at Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF), Germany.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trading. It is also the world’s largest trade fair for books, based on the number of publishing companies represented, as well as the number of visitors.

Realising the potential of FBF in helping Malaysian publishers expand further, MBKM has made this event as an annual tradition. This year, MBKM will be having various programs to bridge local and international publishers which will include Business Breakfast, Bridging Malaysia and Germany, Bridging Malaysia and USA, Bridging Malaysia and Canada and Digital Forum: Digital Publishing – It’s all about Content.

MBKMMalaysia Pavilion last year.

Publishers that will be exhibiting at FBF this year are:

  1. Institut Terjemahan dan Buku Malaysia (ITBM)
  2. Majlis Penerbitan Ilmiah Malaysia (MAPIM)
  3. Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP)
  4. Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency
  5. Kumpulan Media Karangkraf
  6. Kualiti Books Sdn. BHd.
  7. Saba Islamic Media Sdn. Bhd.
  8. PTS Media Group Sdn. Bhd.
  9. Odonata Publishing Sdn. Bhd.
  10. Impiana Publishing
  11. (me! The only illustrator that will be taking a stand at Malaysia Pavilion)

There’s no limitation to only book publisher, so I thought I try to promote my illustrations on international level as well as be the first illustrator to co-exhibit with MBKM. I hope other illustrators will follow suit.

About MBKM: MBKM was established by the Ministry of Education in 1968 based on UNESCO’s recommendatory that proposed all developing nations have a special body responsible for the inculcation of interest in reading and be the driving force behind the development of the book industry. Initially called the National Book Development Council, MBKM’s role was to be both a professional body and book advisory at the national level.

Members of the Council consist of representatives from several ministries and government agencies, industrial organisations and non-governmental organisations that are involved with the industry and book development, as well as three individuals with skills to contribute towards the roles and functions of MBKM. The National Book Policy (NBP) is a policy created by MBKM as a guide to expand its activities within the fields of books and reading in this country.

MBKM Secretariat now operates as one of the departments under the Education Policy and Development Sector, Ministry of Education, Malaysia – headed by a Director. This department manages MBKM’s administration and regulates all cooperative programmes among government sectors, non-government organisations and private sectors in this country in relation to the development of the book industry and the inculcation of a reading culture.

Additionally, MBKM also promotes Malaysian books with local publishers and industry players at an international level through Malaysia’s participation in overseas book fairs.

(*Credit info about MBKM: MBKM website)

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Children’s Book Week 2013 at Silverfish Books

Update on Children’s Book Week, 11-18 May 2013 at Silverfish Books, 28-1 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Children’s Book Week is here again and I will be there for the Greet and Meet Session at 3-5pm. Do drop by for a chat or join in the fun!

Selected Malaysian children’s books will be available at special promotional prices throughout the week. There will be storytelling and activity sessions for children on Saturday, 11th May and 18th May, in addition to meetings with children’s book writers and illustrators. And lots of balloons will be given away! The Children’s Book Week is organised by Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency and Oyez!Books for Children, with the support of Silverfish Books.

Saturday, 11th May 2013; 3-5pm
Make your own picture book – for parents and children.
With the help of an instructor, guide your child to make his/her own picture book. Your children will learn how to build different parts of a book and they get to take home their work. All material will be provided by the organisers. Limited to 8 children. This is a joint activity for children and parents. All children must be accompanied by their parent/s. (This session is now closed as we are fully subscribed.)

Author appearance
Author and illustrator Emila Yusof will be at Silverfish Books to talk about her work as an illustrator and her new books.


Saturday, 18th May 2013; 3-5pm
Storytelling with Linda Tan on two of Mama Tok’s books.
Award-winning Malaysian storyteller, Mama Tok, has published two books, The Greedy Eagle and Nyam-Nyam Nyit. The story telling (in English) will be followed by a drawing and colouring activity. (This session is now closed as we are fully booked.)

Author appearance
Author and illustrator Yusof Gajah will be at Silverfish Books to talk about his new book, Dill the Little Elephant.

Credit: Text copied from SilverfishBooks’ blog.

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Kota Buku donates paintings for School-in-Hospital (SDH)

Remember that I paint something during Children’s Literature Festival last year?

Yesterday I saw it being handed officially by Raja Zarith Sofiah binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah to Deputy Prime Minister’s wife, Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman, who is the patron of ‘Hati Nurani’ project.

My painting at its 5 minutes of fame. Standing on the left of painting: YBhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Asiah binti Abu Samah, Kota Buku Chairman; middle: YBhg. Puan Sri Hajah Noorainee binti Abdul Rahman, DPM’s wife and right; DYMM Raja Zarith Sofiah binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah. Also present to witness was Dr. Haji Awang bin Sariyan, Director General, DBP (in blue batik).

For your information, The SDH, carried out in collaboration with the Education and Health Ministries, was inspired by the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife, Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman. The project is aimed at providing formal education to students and children treated at hospitals.

Raja Zarith Sofiah who has authored several children’s books, including Puteri Gunung Ledang will be the patron for future children’s literature activities organised by Kota Buku and DBP.

A total of 10 paintings (out of 30; including mine) painted during Children’s Literature Festival, University of Malaya (UM) were donated to SDH during Prize giving ceremony of ‘Peraduan Mengarang Buku Bergambar Kanak-kanak 2012’ organised by Kota Buku and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka yesterday at Prince Hotel, KL.

Here is me and friends during the event:

From left: Nur Nadia, Ida Sri Sulo, moi and Kak Alimah Salam.

From left; Nur Nadia, moi, Huda XD, Syakirin Saharom, Mustakim Ismail and Ajiq Mhz. The latter 4 are architecture students , UM. They also participated in the painting project and their paintings were amongst the selected ones.

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