The fog

My son thought we’re living in the clouds but it was actually the fog from the fogging exercise. There has been some serious fogging exercises every week for the past 4 or 5 weeks. This was due to the fact that Dengue fever is spreading and yesterday The Star reported that there have been 6 deaths and 1,008 dengue fever cases have been reported nationwide between July 6 and 12. Selangor had 4 deaths, while Kuala Lumpur and Johor recorded 1 death each. I heard from my mother that there was a fatality in the neighborhood due to the fever. Last week, Health Officers from the Health Ministry came knocking on all doors to check on breeding spots. Luckily, our house don’t have any breeding spots. We heard from the officers that there were quite a number of houses were being fined for breeding Aedes mosquitoes.

Now, fogging is effective to kill mosquitoes but does not kill larvae. Fogging will not stop mosquitoes entering your homes, however, it may deter them from establishing breeding grounds at homes where fogging is performed. So in order to really clear breeding spots, we need to:

  • Remove garbage or unnecessary pots, bottles, cans etc from the garden area.
  • Use mosquito larvicides or mosquito larvae-eating fish such as guppies in waters that cannot be drained.
  • Change water in flower pots once a week and wash them thoroughly. Do not let plants stand in trays containing water. Scrub trays weekly to get rid of any mosquito eggs.
  • Cover all water containers and eliminate objects that can trap rainwater.

Should you or your child present with any of the following signs, a doctor should be consulted immediately to confirm diagnosis:

  • Abrupt onset of high fever (>39 c or 102 f).
  • Headache.
  • Pain behind the eyes.
  • Muscle & joint pain.
  • Rashes.
  • Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

I’m tagging Jean Chia to help me come up with more ways to get rid of the mosquitoes and maybe spread the words.

My son doing his own ‘fogging’ exercise

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Feed the Fasting

I found out about Ramadhan Feed the Fasting Programme from Dr Bubbles. I am doing my bit to help out by spreading the words. You can go to Islamic Relief Malaysia to find out more about this program.

Islamic Relief Malaysia is running its “Ramadhan Feed the Fasting” Programme to help the needy through distributing food packages during the holy month of Ramadhan. You will be feeding not only the poor in Malaysia, but also the poor in 25 countries where IRM is currently working to help them.


Click here now to donate online or directly! I will be donating too!

I am putting a banner (readily linked to the contribution form) in my sidebar. Just click on it whenever you’re ready to donate, k! You can also help spread the words by putting this banner in your blog. The image is taken from IRM website and I’ve resized it to two sizes: 250 X 193px and 180 x 139px. Feel free to copy the codes >HERE<. (I can’t seem to embed the codes in here.)

250 x 193px

180 x 139px

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Alzheimer’s Campaign

Found this at Jean Chia‘s blog. Am doing my bit to help spread the words. With a few clicks, you can help raise $10,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. Just add the purple ribbon to your blog or website and will contribute $10 to the Alzheimer’s Association. The Alzheimer’s ribbon widget can be personalized with a loved one’s name and comes in different shades and sizes to help match your website.

Create your ribbon today — show your support of Alzheimer’s and help raise money for the cause!

In honor of my grandma, Wan
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Blowing Bubbles

A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the make of car I drove. But the world maybe different, because I was important in the life of a child.

A quotable quote by Forest E. Witcraft on Iskandar’s blog.

As I was browsing through my comments, I clicked through a link to a blog and I was stunned and emotionally touched by the noble deed that it’s owner has done to make a difference in the lives of children. The owner of the blog, Iskandar, has made charity a priority in his life.

Iskandar is currently in a mission to set up libraries for orphanages all over Malaysia and at the same time juggling to bring laughter, fun and magic to hopitalised children.

His noble enthusiasm to set up libraries began during his college days back in 1995. He and his friends started to raise funds and books for a library in Kg Banggol Sembilan, Padang Sanai, Kuala Nerang. After a 10 years hiatus, he continued with his second mission and set up a library in Bait Al Amin, Bota, Perak with the help of Islamic Relief Malaysia. Through his blog and friends, he managed to raise more than RM2K and bought good books for the library.

This year, he began to do it on his own. He managed to raise nearly RM10K and able to set up libraries for two orphanages; Rumah NurZaharah, Kg Janda Baik and Rumah Nurul Hidayah, Bukit Gantang Perak.

Currently, he is fund-raising and collecting books for Asrama Bakti Orphanage, Batu 25, Machang which mainly housed boys, age ranging from 7 to 17 years old. If you want to help Iskandar in his latest Machang Orphanage Project (or next projects), you can do so by donating funds or books. You can e-mail Iskandar at should you have any queries. You can also transfer fund directly to his Maybank account: Iskandar Syah Ismail 162188016529 . For books donation, he will be happy to come and collect from you. This time around, he is looking for books suitable for boys and teenage boys. He accept books in good condition. Please do not donate your unwanted old books which are in bad or torn conditions. He encourages donors to give books as gifts.

You can read more about his effort in his blog: Blowing Bubbles

Books Iskandar bought during the last day of KLIBF 2008. "Borong saat terakhir," he said. I actually have met Iskandar at the book fair but didn’t realised that he was this Iskandar.
(Photo by Iskandar)

Iskandar aka Dr. Bubbles is also doing part-time clowning and is focussing on hospital clowning work and interactions with patients etc. He’ll be going to Sabah next week to clown for a young cancer patient and to conduct a workshop on theatre and hospital clowning for theatre students at UMS.

Iskandar attended the Clown Camp at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (to study caring clowning and clowning in healthcare setting) after winning a grant from the university and a foundation in USA in 2003. He furthered his clowning studies at The Celebration Barn Theatre, Maine, USA with a grant from KeKKWA in 2005. He studied Eccentric Performing with Avner Eisenberg & Julie Goell. Currently, Iskandar is applying for a grant to study under Giovanni Fusetti, one the great clown teacher from Italy, at Boulder International Clown School in Sept-Oct 2008.

For your information, Iskandar has served under various NGO namely Mercy Malaysia, SALAM and MAKNA as fundraiser, hospital clown and volunteer. He left the latter after serving for almost 5 years. Iskandar graduated from UK in Chemical Engineering at University of Bradford.

Iskandar dreams that one day he will be able to set up the first professional clown doctors program in Malaysia. For now, he is trying his best to introduce the theatre clowning concept in Malaysia by conducting workshops on the subject with the theatre students at local universities.

And yes, Patch Adam is his idol.

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Pass the Pink Penguin

This is the pass on image i’ve got from Marzie

Emila’s Penguin
This is a new pass on I’ve created, feel free to use it!

Pink Penguin by JC
This is a new pass that my friend, JC has created.
You can read her post >here<

I’ve been tagged by Mariuca to pass on The Pink Penguin in conjunction with the ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month of October. In doing my bit to help spread awareness on the issue of breast cancer to women, here are several tips I’d like to share with you on how you can avoid breast cancer and remain healthy:

1. Eat fruit – limit intake of animal fats
2. Exercise regularly – stay physically active
3. Get screened – go for a mammogram for early detection of breast cancer

4. Give birth and breast-feed
5. Avoid sleeping with your bra on – Wearing it >12hrs can contribute to
the growth of cancer cells in your breasts.

How you can help raise awareness on breast cancer:-

1. Spread the word. Announce the event on your blog. You could write a blog post (like this), or a little note about it. Whatever you choose to do, just go ahead and tell your readers about it.

2. Go pink. Modify your theme if you know how to, or get yourself a pretty pink theme. If you run a website, turn your website pink. But if you don’t like pink, you could still participate by putting up a badge on your sidebar.

3. Design badges and banners. Design a couple of “Pink for October” badges or banners for other participants to use (for free) and to publicize the event. Some of the existing badges and banners can be downloaded from the Official Pink for October Site.

4. Design blog themes. There are a lot of bloggers (me included) who can’t even do simple designing, so if you are good at it, perhaps you could design and release a few pink themes? So, I am hoping that whoever happens to read my post, please do something to spread the awareness. It only takes a moment of our time.

If you like to take part in this awareness, you can copy paste the whole thing and come up with 5 tips to avoid breast cancer. Feel free to save or copy the Pink Penguin (choose one, better still choose both!) to your post.

Thank you!

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