Blog4FT Cares

If previously Blog4Ft is all about promoting Federal Territories of Malaysia via a blogging contest (organised by Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being), this time around it is all about charity. Having objectives such as highlighting charities and charitable activities in the Federal Territories, Blog4FT today launched a program called Blog4FT Cares to raise awareness of selected Causes.

The focus previously was on the blogosphere but this time, the Ministry will engage millions of Malaysian Facebook and Twitter users. Three national Celebrities will play key roles in this campaign. Each will start a Special BlogforFT Cares! Facebook Page and promote this amongst their fans with the aim to collect maximum number of Facebook “Like”. When a Special Page collects 10,000 “Like”, the Program’s Corporate Sponsor will donate RM25,000 for the Cause; when the Page collects 20,000 “Like” and above, RM50,000 will be donated for the Cause.

So let us all contribute the the causes! All you have to do is click on FB pages below:

  1. Siti Nurhaliza:  The importance of empowering the urban poor in the Federal Territories through vocational training.
  2. Upin & Ipin: The need to increase awareness about the danger of Dengue fever to residents of the Federal Territories.
  3. Steve Yap: The need for society to be involved in greening the environment through Tree Planting Programs.

Here are some picture’s of the launching of the program of Blog4FT Cares by the Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being at BSC, Bangsar, 11am today.




Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Well-being giving his speech.

launching gimmick

The launching by Minister (Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin) and Deputy Minister (Datuk M. Saravanan) of the Federal Territories and Urban Well-being.

yassin and me

Yassin meets Upin & Ipin!

Celik IT

A CSR program – Celik IT was held in conjunction with the Blog4FT Cares launching.

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October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is believed that 2/3 of all cancers can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For cancers that can be detected early, there is over an 80% chance of surviving the cancer. Cancer detected early can save lives.

You can lower your risk for cancer by choosing a healthy lifestyle. This means:
* Don’t smoke
* Be active every day
* Keep to a healthy weight
* Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and cereals
* Eat food low in fat, sugar and salt
* Keep your alcohol intake low
* Be sun aware

I’m going pink this month to help create awareness about breast cancer.

And for that particular reason, I am calling out to you to help click the banner in Your click helped another woman in need get a free mammogram. Just follow the link of below banner and click on the pink button:

The Breast Cancer Site

For those who wish to donate locally (Malaysia) via Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, you can do so HERE. You can also be a volunteer HERE. Or you can buy cute pinky stuff from The Pink Souvenir Shop.

And here are some free related banners created from my paintings for your sidebar. Feel free to copy + paste the codes in your blog. Enjoy!

Source code:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="get your free blog banner at" width="250" height="250"></a>

Source code:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="get your free blog banner at" width="250" height="250"></a>

Source code:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="get your free blog banner at" width="250" height="250"></a>

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Fundraising for Haiti

Islamic Relief will be doing fundraising for Haiti Earthquake Appeal in UIA from 1-4 March 2010 during their Ummatic Week.

They are planning to sell merchandise (keychain,travel prayer mats, men suitwears (for RM200), etc during the exhibition cum fundraising.

They are accepting donations in the form of handmade crafts so if you have any handmade items that you want to donate, please contact IRM:

31-7, Jalan SP2/1,Taman Serdang Perdana,
43300 Seri Kembangan.
Selangor. Malaysia
Telephone:  +603 8948 6334
Fax:  +603 8948 7339

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A cute letter!

I received a surprise in the mailbox yesterday!

A letter from my son! Lol!

So let’s see what’s inside…

…two cards, err I mean one and a half card that my son wants me to take notice of!

Yassin thought that we can try to save Dodos but little did he knows that Dodos had become extinct before 1700; the last Dodo died a little more than a century after the species’ discovery in 1581.

Anyway, we can try to save the latter. You can ‘adopt’ a rhino HERE.

Note to Yassin: Thanks baby for the reminder!

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Green Police

I was just keeping myself updated about ‘green’ news when I came across about Green Police and thought that I share it with you. Do you know who are the Green Police?

Officially,  it is a nickname to a branch of local law enforcement in charge of ensuring environmental protection laws are followed. But unofficially, it is a term referring to citizens who report environmental violations to their local law enforcement agency, or enforce environmental rules at special events. The term green police has also been co-opted by companies and groups to promote environmentally-themed agendas and ad campaigns.  It can also be referred to environmental monitors hired for public or private events.

At the Glastonbury Festival, festival organizers are hiring “Green Police” to spread environmental awareness and encourage environmentally responsible behavior. Their duties include making sure festival goers dispose of their cigarettes properly, not urinate in the water and shrubbery, and pick up and recycle their trash.

Now, this is very good and I hope that our local Green Police will enforce similar effort to address our huge volume of rubbish during festivals.

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