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On October 8, 2009, Water, Green Technology and Power Minister, Datuk iamaplasticPeter Chin Fa Kui has announced  in Putrajaya that a campaign to ban the use of plastic bags will be implemented to conserve the environment and promote green technology. For a start, the campaign would be implemented at the ministry level before being expanded to shopping centers and eventually nationwide.

The campaign, although still in the stage of being expanded to the shopping centers, stores and retail shops in Kuala Lumpur have already started promoting the ban of plastic bags. The ones I came across was Ikea and Body Shop, while shopping for Hari Raya. At Ikea, they charge 20 cent for one plastic bag to discourage customers from one-off use of carrier bags and help customers make an environmentally friendly choice. Ikea believes the move will cut total plastic bag use by 20 million next year. The last time I went, I carried a small handbag so I really had to buy a plastic bag but then later during another shopping session, I carry my own handmade tote bag.

As for Body Shop, the company has been Plastic Bag Free in all its stores since 1999. Their sales person will encourage us to bag the items we bought in our own bag. Should we really need a bag, we will be given a recycled paper bag which is made from chlorine free pulps, environmentally friendly inks and water based adhesives.

Why ban plastic bags?
Plastic bags have made our lives easier in many ways but unfortunately, they are often not disposed of properly and foul our public spaces not to mention putting pressure on our already scarce Taman Beringin landfill. Furthermore, when released into the earth, the bags emit poisonous chemicals and utterly dangerous to all living things and the environment.

What should we do?
Since the nationwide campaign has yet to kick off, maybe  we can make an early online effort ourselves to help support the campaign to ban the use of plastic bags. Penang has started its campaign by going green every Monday.

Right now, this minute or as at 2.28am as I am writing this post ^_^. Anytime is a good time. (Yes, I am a night owl.)

Ditch the plastic bags; use recycled bag (cloth or canvas) when shopping as well as blog about the campaign.

My effort?
I am doing my bit to support the campaign and am kicking it off personally by hosting a little giveaway, Emila’s Go Green Giveaway, to one lucky winner. But you need to do something really simple for me; leave a comment by discussing your idea on how are you going to support the campaign.

The person who comes up with the best idea will win Emila’s Go Green Giveaway (a combination of my handmade tote bag and my Illustrated 2010 Calendar).Date of closing: 30 November 2009, 8pm. Anybody can enter this giveaway contest; that means locally and internationally.

emila's go green giveaway


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Power Over Cervical Cancer

I have been procrastinating for a pap smear test and after reading an article in The Sun, It’s Possible To Wipe Out Cervical Cancer (Source: BERNAMA) I realised that I really have to go and have myself tested for cervical cancer. According to consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, “It is entirely possible to wipe out cervical cancer, if there are concerted efforts in screening and vaccination.” She pointed out that cervical cancer is preventable and if diagnosed early, also curable, unlike breast cancer.

The article also pointed to National Cancer Society of Malaysia where we can take Risk Test online. I followed the link and landed on Power Over Cervical Cancer website. I took the test.

Todate 521 women (that would be including me) have taken the online test. My result:

You’ve answered more of Yes or Don’t know

This means you have a higher risk to develop cervical cancer

Talk to your doctor to get a better understanding about your risks for cervical cancer.

As part of it’s Power Over Cervical Cancer Campaign, the National Cancer Society of Malaysia has launched Pink Mobile to make scheduled stops at the most popular spots in Klang Valley including Kuala Lumpur until December 12, 2009.

Below is the current schedule:

Date: 18th November 2009
Venue 1: KL City Center Drive Around, 4.00pm
Venue 2: Ladies Nite @ Twenty One Kitchen & Bar, 7.00pm

Date: 19th November 2009
Venue 1: AMP Astro, Bukit Jalil, 10.00am – 2.00pm
Venue 2: Bukit Jalil LRT Station, 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Date: 20th November 2009
Venue 1: Jalan Ampang (Ampang Park, Menara Citibank), 12.00 noon
Venue 2: Menara UOA, Jalan Kia Peng, 5.00pm

Date: 21st November 2009
Venue: Bangsar Shopping Center, 12.00 noon – 8.00pm

Sunday – Breakfast with POCC Pink Mobile
Date: 22nd November 2009
Venue: Taman Tasik Perdana, Tapak B, 7.00am – 3.00pm

Please, if you are near the stopovers, do make an effort to drop by and get yourself tested for the Risk Test.

Here’s a quick-facts sheet about Cervical Cancer:

cervical cancer quick facts

Support the movement to beat cervical cancer. Use the Power Over Cervical Cancer logo or icons to tell your friends and all women about cervical cancer. Find out More About Cervical Cancer

And yes, I will go for a real Pap Smear test next week on Monday. I hope I am not too late.

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Trick or treat!

Halloween is just around the corner and junk food is the typical trick or treating fodder. Have you ever thought of treating something different? Something that is healthy for kids as well as environmentally safe? You have? That is great! I knew that you thought about it! Ok, I might have a suggestion for you to add in your list: chocolate milk in single serve, shelf stable cartons! That is right!

You don’t think that the idea is good? Before you brush this idea off, let’s go through these facts:

1. Kids love chocolate milk.

2. Chocolate milk in shelf stable cartons (Tetra Pak) can be kept in the pantry and refrigerated when needed.

3. Tetra Pak shelf stable cartons do not contain preservatives. They have a low carbon footprint and are recyclable.tetraproduct

So you think it’s a great idea after all! Great! To get started you can get a free Organic Valley and Hershey’s coupons from Trick or Treat Me website! Here, you can learn more from about the health and environmental benefits of serving milk in shelf stable cartons.

Once you’re there register yourself by filling in your name and e-mail.


When you hit continue, you got to choose up to five cute monsters. Hit continue, you will be instructed to upload an image for your monster. Upload your face or your friend’s face and crop. You can later send the file to your friend by e-mail, complete with your own message. I think it’s very cute! With every trick or treat you sent via e-mail, Tetra Pak will make a 10 cent donation to WWF (up to $30,000).

Not enough fun? Send a Halloween tweet to someone and find out who is the scariest twitterer at Twick or Tweet Me!


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Save the Dolphins


From Netster’s blog, I came to know that more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often labeled as whale meat.

The majority of the world is not aware this is happening as the place of the slaughter activities, Taiji Cove, is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story. It’s critical that we get the word out in Japan.

There’s an on-going petition currently being held at Care2 Petitionsite to stop the killing and they need at least 50,000 signatures (currently there are over 43K signatures). I’ve already signed the petition and now it’s YOUR TURN.

My son is doing his bid by drawing a picture of dolphins:

yassin's dolphins

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Happy Ramadhan

I hope it’s not too late to wish all Muslim friends and bloggers a Happy Ramadhan!

Happy Ramadhan to all!

Like previous Ramadhan, I am helping Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) to spread words about its “Ramadhan Feed the Fasting” Programme to help the poor and needy through distributing food packages during the holy month of Ramadhan. You will be feeding not only the poor in Malaysia, but also the poor in 25 countries where IRM is currently working to help them.


Click HERE now to donate online or directly! I will be donating too! If you have donated, thank you so much on behalf of IRM!

To see IRM’s food distributions last year, please visit  IRM Feed The Fasting blog.

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Influenza A (H1N1)

When I read the news today about the rising number of deaths toll due to influenza A(H1N1), I got scared. I have been ignorant previously but certainly not anymore since today. I am collecting and reading information about influenza A(H1N1) to educate myself about this pandemic disease.

Todate, the deaths of five people within 72 hours have brought the number of the H1N1-related fatalities to 13 (read more here).

Below information is taken from WHO and I hope to help spread the information. PLEASE READ.

We will not be able to tell the difference between seasonal flu and influenza A(H1N1) without medical help. Typical symptoms to watch for are similar to seasonal viruses and include fever, cough, headache, body aches, sore throat and runny nose. Only medical practitioner and local health authority can confirm a case of influenza A(H1N1).

Protection from catching H1N1 Flu
The main route of transmission of the new influenza A(H1N1) virus seems to be similar to seasonal influenza, via droplets that are expelled by speaking, sneezing or coughing. You can prevent getting infected by avoiding close contact with people who show influenza-like symptoms (trying to maintain a distance of about 1 metre if possible) and taking the following measures:

  1. avoid touching your mouth and nose;
  2. clean hands thoroughly with soap and water, or cleanse them with an alcohol-based hand rub on a regular basis (especially if touching the mouth and nose, or surfaces that are potentially contaminated);
  3. avoid close contact with people who might be ill;
  4. reduce the time spent in crowded settings if possible;
  5. improve airflow in your living space by opening windows;
  6. practise good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping physically active.

What should we do if we think we have the illness

If we feel unwell, have high fever, cough or sore throat:

  1. stay at home and keep away from work, school or crowds;
  2. rest and take plenty of fluids;
  3. cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing and, if using tissues, make sure to dispose them carefully. Clean hands immediately with soap and water or cleanse them with an alcohol-based hand rub;
  4. if no tissue close when we cough or sneeze, cover the mouth as much as possible with the crook of our elbow;
  5. use a mask to help you contain the spread of droplets
  6. inform family and friends about the illness and try to avoid contact with other people;
  7. If possible, contact a health professional before traveling to a health facility to discuss whether a medical examination is necessary.

When should someone seek medical care?

A person should seek medical care if they experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or if a fever continues more than three days. For parents with a young child who is ill, seek medical care if a child has fast or labored breathing, continuing fever or convulsions (seizures).


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Tribe Toyota Bash

I was invited to join in the Tribe Toyota Bash event at Cineleisure Outdoor Carpark with 5 other bloggers from the Advertlets team, namely Josh Lim, Joshua Lee, Rames, Amanda and Ji Yuan yesterday. The event was held to promote awareness among Tribe Toyota members and also the public on the importance of caring for the environment.

The event also marked the success of Tribe Toyota members in creating the biggest Toyota logo made out of 20,000 recyclable aluminium cans thus creating history in the Malaysia Book of Records. The logo was officiated by Mr Kuah Kock Heng, Managing Director of UMW Toyota Motor and Encik Ismet Suki, UMW Toyota Motor Director of Customer Services Group when they put down another two cans to complete the logo; making it 22,000 cans in total.

The logo which was measured approximately 30 feet x 20 feet has been endorsed by Malaysia Book of records official, Mr Ricky Yap and all proceeds collected for the Tribe Toyota Bash event plus the returns from recycling have been donated to Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam (YAWA).

To read more about it, please go to Tribe Toyota Bash.

The event was so full of fun as there were games, stage performance, clowns, and many more. Here are more pictures from the event (please wait while it loads, am using flickr slideshow):

Recycling means that you put your refuse back into use over and over again. Every time you do so you save:
• Energy
• Money
• Environment

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Blog Action Day – Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day and the cause is Poverty. I’ve registered my blog to join in the cause about a month ago. If you haven’t already done so, please join today and make a post about poverty.

I am helping to create awareness and at the same time donating to the poor. Let’s just stop for awhile and help where we can. Besides monetary donation, we can also donate by simply playing online games or clicking on banners. I found out about Free Rice from Metz and I think this is one good way to help feed the hunger. Play as much as you can, hourly, daily, weekly because for each answer you get right, you will donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

Help end world hunger

Free Rice is a sister site of Poverty.com. Please take a moment to visit Poverty.com and take a look at the live feed count of worldwide hunger deaths; it is sad to learn that deaths occur every second.

Please click on below banners. It’ll only take few minutes of your precious time. By clicking you will help feed the world’s hungry, give free books and fund child healthcare.

The Hunger Site
The Literacy Site
The Child Health Site

More sites to visit:
From Hunger to Hope
The Hunger Project
Global Call to Action Against Poverty
United Nation’s Wolrd Food Programme

Last but not least, please watch this video. Thank you for your time.

1st commentator:

Rizal from Rest N Rileks! Click on banner to find out more about Rizal!

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