Header for Aleah

Made a header banner for Aleah, better known as Solitary Wanderer. Aleah gave me a draft on how she wanted it to be and I realised it in my own style. Glad Aleah loves it. Added the cat later as Aleah is a cat fan like me.

Taking this opportunity to thank Doc Gelo for referring me to Aleah. Thank you Gelo!

This illustration is licensed to Solitary Wanderer. If you like to make one, please contact  me: emilayusof@gmail.com. Copying, cropping and editing is prohibited.

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Wrapper design under Foldees brand

It has been 4 years now that Foldees carried my card designs.

my cards at foldees

From selling online to retail outlets throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, Foldees is now adding another product other than cards—gift wrapper. I thought this is a great idea and agreed right away to come up with few designs. So…am working on to submit some designs, here’s one:

Although royalty is quite small, I believe that it is better to have something than nothing. It’s fun to see how my designs can grow money. I don’t always ‘water’ them but yeah, the ‘gardener’ did a great job keeping them alive.


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Artwork for Hush Puppies Malaysia

This is totally a new work and licensing rights have been given only to Hush Puppies Malaysia (Transmarco Concepts) to use it as poster, money packet and newspaper ads for its 2012 Hari Raya campaign.

All rights reserved © Emila Yusof 2012-forever

If you see this artwork being distributed by others, do let me know immediately. Copyright is totally mine.

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