Illustrations made for Breadties

The owner of Breadties commissioned me to do a cover for Breadties FB page that includes a young family balik kampung to see their granny with cookies from Breadties. This is what I came up with and he likes it! I did not have to change anything. Smooth experience. Thanks, Breadties!


P/S My mood to draw is coming back slowly. Perhaps the excitement for Shawal has something to do with it.

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Cover design for GTN 8.3

I drawn two sets of my Brown Girl series in watercolor and pen only to find that I hate them; all 24 of them!

I’d figured that I am not in the right mood to do anything watercolor so thought I suggested a vector work to Gaya Travel team. The theme is about travelling to Perak and Melaka, so I drew interesting iconic places/items in both cities, i.e. in Melaka, the Stadthuys, A Famosa, Melaka house and trishaw whereas for Perak, the Taiping train station, old locomotive, Lake Taiping, Kellie’s Castle and Menara Condong Teluk Intan.

This is something different than my ordinary style but I hope they like it as much as I do. Sometime other style works perfectly when the other is not.

All icons are drawn from scratch based on photos but the Melaka house was something that I created few years back that I think is worth recycling.



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Salam Ramadhan

The much-anticipated Ramadhan is here again and this is the time for inner reflection, devotion to Allah, and self-control.

I am taking this chance to wish all Muslims around the globe a blessed Ramadhan. Take care and remember not to overspend and over-indulge in food.


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Hush Puppies Raya campaign

Alhamdulillah, got to illustrate again for Hush Puppies Malaysia (Transmarco) for 2013 campaign. The posters will be up in their stores in the month of Ramadhan (or slightly earlier than that) and Syawal. Hush Puppies is also offering free illustrated Raya packets when you buy its shoes. Ads will also appears in Harian Metro.

Exclusive right to use for two months have been granted to them so if you see this ads anywhere on the Internet or other shops, please inform me quickly.


The cute money packets will normally run out quickly in the first week of Ramadhan, so I suggest you go buy Hush Puppies shoes very early in the month of Ramadhan.

And please tag or tweet me pictures once you came across the ads, ok?

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Project Life 365 images

Below are all my photos I posted on Project Life 365 (#Projectlife365 on Instagram). Starting tomorrow, I am going to post here on daily basis. It is a challenge that I must complete everyday until the end of the year. I have some prompts to complete for the January challenge (I joined in February) but I am going to do that slowly and be consistent on the current ones.

You can follow me on Instagram, username emilayusof (#365emila)

PL365Compressed thumbnails of my photos on Project Life 365 challenge.

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Travel editorial illustration

I know that one of my resolutions this year is not to take commission job but this one job I could not resist. Few years back I got similar opportunity but my style did not resonate with the editorial team, so I gave up. This time I am happy to say that I got illustration job with another local magazine that do not require me to do much amendments.

Here’s one with Putra Bridge, Perdana Putra building, KL Tower and Twin Towers created (based on photos) in Adobe Illustrator vector format. It’s not that detailed but I just draw and bring out the basic and prominent shapes that make each landmark.

Will blog about the magazine soon as I get my first copy of first issue for 2013. The magazine has been around for 8 years.


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