Illustrations made for Breadties

The owner of Breadties commissioned me to do a cover for Breadties FB page that includes a young family balik kampung to see their granny with cookies from Breadties. This is what I came up with and he likes it! I did not have to change anything. Smooth experience. Thanks, Breadties!


P/S My mood to draw is coming back slowly. Perhaps the excitement for Shawal has something to do with it.

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Hush Puppies Raya campaign

Alhamdulillah, got to illustrate again for Hush Puppies Malaysia (Transmarco) for 2013 campaign. The posters will be up in their stores in the month of Ramadhan (or slightly earlier than that) and Syawal. Hush Puppies is also offering free illustrated Raya packets when you buy its shoes. Ads will also appears in Harian Metro.

Exclusive right to use for two months have been granted to them so if you see this ads anywhere on the Internet or other shops, please inform me quickly.


The cute money packets will normally run out quickly in the first week of Ramadhan, so I suggest you go buy Hush Puppies shoes very early in the month of Ramadhan.

And please tag or tweet me pictures once you came across the ads, ok?

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Malaysia Airlines Kids Fly for Free Campaign

I got this job two weeks before I went to Abu Dhabi. Although I was busy preparing stuff to take to Abu Dhabi, I agreed to take up the job. Who wouldn’t, right? A big job from a big client like Malaysia Airlines is something good for my portfolio. After having 3 or 4 times amendments on 3 sets of artworks (print, web and booklet), they finally got approved a day before I leave. All the files were so big and uploading seemed like forever. But Alhamdulillah, all went through.

This one is from the first set; 1 of 3 illustrations for print ads.  The layout was done by Ogilvy & Mather (Malaysia) creative team.

MASI think my signature should be smaller there. But nonetheless, thank you to MAS for making it visible in the advertisement.

I’ll post more soon as the next ones are out.

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Featured on the cover of Gaya Travel Magazine

Some of you were already aware that I am illustrating for a magazine but I did not mentioned it previously as I want them to break the news. Since the news was already out this morning on facebook, I sure am excited to add to the buzz.

Here is the cover I illustrated for Gaya Travel Magazine. Do look out for the issue at you nearest bookstores (will update the locations).

Final version of Gaya Travel Magazine cover, Issue 8.1.

Previously it was done in the form of digital vector but somehow it seemed to be flat, and I tend to agree with that. So I drew again using traditional medium; watercolor.

Preliminary vector illustration

The proportion of the watercolor work did not match with the vector, so the team had to cut the traveller image as you can see in the final cover above. It was all my fault as I was lazy to do the proportion calculation. Anyway, it turns out great too. The masthead color really makes the cover stands out.

Don’t forget to get a copy of the magazine, ok. Should be out next week. Here’s the better version of the cover in full.


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Book discussion with Pak Samad

Even if one of my resolutions is not to take any more commission job, but I can never say no to Pak Samad. I’ve been doing his book designing and typesetting since 2004 (under Wira Bukit Sdn Bhd) and he had grown to be quite comfortable with my style. The latest soon-to-be-published book was supposed to be done by other designer (as I am quite busy this year) but he was not quite please with it and wants me to design it along with 2 other books.

So yes, continuing to design for him.

Datuk A. Samad Said
Pak Samad does not drink coffee; so it’s either hot chocolate or tea. He gave me the marshmellows. Dome, KLCC.

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Travel editorial illustration

I know that one of my resolutions this year is not to take commission job but this one job I could not resist. Few years back I got similar opportunity but my style did not resonate with the editorial team, so I gave up. This time I am happy to say that I got illustration job with another local magazine that do not require me to do much amendments.

Here’s one with Putra Bridge, Perdana Putra building, KL Tower and Twin Towers created (based on photos) in Adobe Illustrator vector format. It’s not that detailed but I just draw and bring out the basic and prominent shapes that make each landmark.

Will blog about the magazine soon as I get my first copy of first issue for 2013. The magazine has been around for 8 years.


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Salina, finally

This has been going on for over a year. And finally, today, I burned the files and both are ready to be printed. We have two versions, A: Limited Edition and B: exclusively from Popular.

Have you read Salina? Salina is a novel written by Datuk A. Samad Said (Pak Samad) and it was first published in 1961. After claiming back his publishing rights, Pak Samad decided to print it under his own company, Wirabukit Sdn Bhd. I was trusted with the design job from cover to typesetting. I proposed many cover designs and these 2 were the favourites.

Salina tells a story of a lady who works as a prostitute to earn a living after the Second World War. Salina was born rich but the war robs her loved ones away from her. You can read full review here:

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