Thank you Allah for sending down the rain

In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) mentions water or waters 178 times, wind or winds 65 times, cloud 49 times, storm three times, plants eight times, river or rivers 117 times, earth 824 times, sea 88 times, the sun 93 times, and the moon 59 times. They are all mentioned in different contexts and situations associated with the life on earth.

“And We have sent down blessed rain from the sky and made grow thereby gardens and grain from the harvest.” (Quran, 50:9)

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Painting for sale: Dreamgirl 001

Painted this while working on a commissioned painting . I actually painted the lines last year but somehow I did not like the lines as they were too big as I used brush #3 instead #1. I put it aside and forgot all about it. So when I started the big painting, I suddenly have the urge to take it out again and continue.

So, this is the result. Happy with it.

Dreamgirl 001RM500. Acrylic on canvas. Size: 12″ x 12″. Title: Dreamgirl 001.

Please e-mail me: if you are interested in purchasing.


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