The other day, while eating out and waiting for food to be served, I took out my sketchbook and draw the cover. My husband said, “lagi lagi perempuan tidur…always sleeping woman…let me show you my interpretation of sleep.” He took my son’s sketchbook and draw. I was like LMAO hahaha too cute! And then my son, not wanting to left behind, draw his own sleep version.

hubby tido


son's sketch


my tidur



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A full weekend

We went back to Tangkak last weekend to attend a small family kenduri in conjunction with father-in-law’s birthday. Our family took the opportunity to celebrated the birthday of Cuman (my bro-in-law), Ayu, Adah and Nani (our nieces) as well.

cake tok abahthe yummy ice-cream cake from secret recipe (pic by Zaim)

bday boys n girlsfrom left: nani, ayu, cuman and father-in-law. Adah was not seen in pic as she was in Kulim, still in Kulim as she is attending UniKL in Kulim. (pic by Zaim)

On the way back to KL, we dropped by Melaka. Took that ride up on Menara Taming Sari.

gyro revolving towerinside the gyro revolving tower

These are views from up the tower:

gyro2 view of pulau melaka view of dataran pahlawan

Later, we went boat cruising along the Melaka River.

rivercruise1Melaka River Cruise (pic by Zaim)

We also took Yassin to visit A Famosa Fort and climbed up St Paul Hill.

famosa fortA Famosa Fort

famosaSt Francis Xavier statue behind Yassin (pic by Zaim)

Before we wrapped up the day and headed back to KL, we dropped by Blue Lagoon, Port Dickson. We had Ikan Bakar and reached KL an hour before midnight. It was really tiring but we had great time.

pdsunsetYassin and his dad enjoying the sunset

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Forgetful us

“My mind is like the navy; they come and go” – Faye Riley. Batteries Not Included movie, 1987.

My mind is too. So is my husband’s. You see, my husband and I have been searching high and low for his car’s grant; in fact we’ve been looking since December last year! The last time he renewed the road tax and car insurance, he forgot to put it back in the file. This is why!! Luckily we have 2nd car. I always tell him to put things back to its places but you know husbands, we can’t tell them what to do; they won’t listen. He remembered putting it in one of the books on the bookshelf, well, I searched, it wasn’t there. Then he remembered putting it in the car’s drawer, I searched again, wasn’t there either. Until my husband remembers exactly where he put it, poor car has to wait patiently for us to bring him back on the road again.

Anyway, Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary, my husband! I forgot to make a post yesterday…so we’re equal, hun?

Thank you all for the wedding anniversary wishes and special thanks to ANNY for putting up a very special post for us!

p/s i’ll be away from today evening until 14th April February! See ya!

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