Yassin’s sundial

My son learned about sundial at school yesterday and before going to sleep, he made a sundial by himself using paper, color pencil and cellotape. And before he went to school this afternoon he put it under the sun.

I am glad he practice what he learned at school yesterday because most of the time, he will be creating games using papers. My papers are running out fast.

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School begins tomorrow!

I am changing new cover wrappers to my son’s text books and writing his name on exercise books. I have procrastinated it until today. Gonna stick and iron his badge after this and iron all his school uniforms. 2 pairs each for primary school and agama school. I though I just wanna recycle last year’s uniforms but Yassin cannot fit into them anymore.

writing name on books

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Yassin is 8

Yassin had a blast during his garden birthday party yesterday. He invited the neighbourhood friends but as he invited them in the afternoon, I did not expect for the kids to bring him pressies. “Just come and eat,” I told Yassin to tell them. Without Yassin knowing it, his cousins and me had bought few little things to make it up with the WWF Belt he wanted. I strongly did not agree with the idea of buying WWF belt that cost RM100 ! So we bought books, alarm clock, some small LEGOs to assemble and a wrist watch that cost about the same amount of the belt and wrapped them in different wrappers. Yassin was so happy that he got so many pressies from us!

Yassin on his birthday

Mango cake

makan time!


Yassin's friends


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We were watching Tinkerbell on Disney the other day and next thing we knew, my son and I took out our papers and started to draw fairies.

yassin's fairy

yassin’s fairy

my fairy

my fairy

In the end, my husband watched Tinkerbell until the end, all by himself.

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Yassin loves Auntie Marzie and Uncle B

I met Marzie few days ago to pass her things and we met at Old Town Coffee at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara to have supper. Uncle B was also there and that was the first time Yassin met Uncle B. They sure clicked right away because Uncle B has so many games on his smartphone. Hehe. Yassin..Yassin…

Photo courtesy of Marzie. Thanks dear!

Yassin is a fan of Upin & Ipin and when Auntie Marzie handed him a bag full of Upin & Ipin’s merchandise items, he could not stop smiling. On the way back, he slept with the stuff and when we reached home, he put them nicely beside him on the bed. He truly treasures the gift.

Thank you so much, Auntie Marzie and Uncle B. We love you!

yassin and upin&ipin

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