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Rooster Girl by Emila

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  1. Kak ngah,, lawak laa gambar angelina jolie tu… kalau ada jual topeng muka dia betul kan best.. dah sah saya sambar satu.

    Saya ni, staff MOHD HARRIS, Raub. minat juga grafik. tapi dah tua-tua ni ada peluang lagi ke ha? hehehe..

    Very nice job!! I LIKE !!!

  2. Hi Oppie, thank you! Alahai, Kak Ngah ingat awak. Anak sihat? Kak Ngah belum tengok lagi anak Oppie tapi nama dia sama dgn Yassin kan. Topeng tu boleh buat sendiri. Hahaha…kalau nak Kak Ngah boleh buatkan.

  3. 😉 Hi I love your web page / blog Your art work is so amazing . 🙂
    I am going to use your blog award is that okay?? 🙂 Its super duper cute .
    love from sesga

        1. Ok, Nessaraisa. I will create few wallpapers and put it up in a page. Later you can download from there. Give a day or two for me to come up with some.

  4. Hi Emila,

    Your illustrations are very beautiful! Is there anyway I can contact you? I need to ask you something about a project I’m working on. Thanks and have a nice day! 🙂

  5. Hye emila! i was falling in luv with ur artwork =) take this paltform to encourage my sis to discover more on her artwork tooo.

  6. Hi Emi, hope masih ingat kat Zai. I pun dah left Siemens since end 2006. Emi, cantik la gambar-gambar tu. I still ingat gambar karton yang you lukis masa kat Siemens dulu, kalu you masih simpan, masukkan lah dalam blog you. Cantik tu… OK Emi, your creativity memang terserlah! all the best to you! I ada satu permintaan, boleh lukiskan gambar anak-anak I tak?

  7. Slm Emila…Slmt berkenalan…cantik la smua lukisan awak…very talented…akak add to follow your blog bole? 🙂 Sori, akak da add pun…I’m kind of new to blogging…pun minat melukis…tapi, x la secantik lukisan awak..kalau ade masa lapang, jmput la ke blog akak and feel free kalau nak tegur ape2 yg x patut. Anyway, Tahniah akak ucapkn! and keep up the good work 😉

  8. Askum! I just discovered ur blog baru2 ni, ur pictures are fantastic. Anyway, saya ni tak reti lukis tapi kene ajar seni kat sekolah..bidan terjun x ckp cikgu seni but i try to make it interesting by going on trips to art galleries to xpose kids to the art world. I hope my students can be inspired..even tak reti lukis pun..boleh appreciate art. Hehehe…

  9. salam, emila..

    do u conduct classes? akak (i think i’m much older than u) love art, have a lil bit of talent, tp never get formal edu on art since last time my parents x approve!hehehh..sejarah hitam..

    anyway, xper la tu..the most important thing is, can u please teach me? i love arts dan would love to see me do artistic things in my old days…just for the sake of fun.. u can contact me via email

  10. salam…

    cantik lukisan2 ni. saya minat sgt.. (sy ni tak pandai melukis, so sekadar meminati hsail kerjatangan org lain..) andai ada yg berkenan, akan sy simpan sebagai kenangan.. kalau tgh2 boring, tgk photo2 yg cantik2 ni, boleh hilang rasa boring… sy minat art cuma takde kreativiti…

  11. Assalamualaikum, makcik. Saya …(seseorang yang tak berapa penting) sangat suka artwork makcik. cute and purty. It’s very Nice! i wish i have such talent =.=” what program do u use?

  12. hai kak emi ! boleh tak saya request kad hari jadi untuk kawan saya . saya tahu akak ni talented dalam bab lukis melukis ni . jadi , buat lah macam mana pun . send ke emel saya okei ?

    terima kasih . saya akan promote blog akak di blog saya .

  13. Dear Emila:

    i can fell your have the childhood mood, i love so much.
    you have draw to my friend 1 pc family photo, she put it on Facebook. make it profie nice.
    she is in USA also knew your blog, I just visit when she get the web add.
    V GOOD.

  14. Dear Emila,

    Wow, I love your work. Just stumbled on it while surfing. Where can I find your book “My Mother’s Garden”?

    In the meantime, may Allah bless you and family always.

  15. Heyy Emilla

    Im so inspired with your artwork, actually i was looking for a publishers and stubble upon your website! I think your work is amazing! = ) well im also an artist myself which creates Coffee Art,thats wat i called them…=D… Have fun doing it

  16. My name is Roberto, and made a charcoal painting about me because I want to know how good I am. I did this because I like being with my family that is why I drew my family. We are learning how to critique things. I want to know how to critique so i know how to critique different people. I like to draw a lot, I draw different thing that come up in my mind.

    What is your inspiration? I want to know how to be a good artist.
    You know how to do drawing well. I saw the cards that you make. You did a good job. I like your work. You use line and shading well. I want to know how you make your cards. I like your cool cards you have.

    My work comes to me and I draw it so it looks cool. I am inspired to do my best and try to get better. My inspiration is my family because they are good to be around, that is where I get my inspiration from. I want to know how good you think I am to see if I do a good job in my work. I want to know how I can improve my work.

  17. salam kak, came by ur website after seeing u featured in the newspaper. i gotta say, nice art! ade plan nak buat digital interactive storybook tak? macam yg selalu kids guna kat ipad/iphone tu. kalau berminat hit me back la, kita buat join venture. i have a team of programmers, but kitorang takde graphic artist. :p

  18. Emila..I am having so much fun looking around your blog! .I absolutely love your ABC book…your illustrations are charming and the text makes me smile so much. 🙂 I think children would really enjoy this…I would love to get a copy for my new grand-daughter…is it available for sale anywhere?

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