Hello! You have just landed here because you are curious about the person behind this blog. I am an Illustrator and a Children’s Book Author. Apart from that I love to blog and travel.

I travel to gain new perspective, learn about a country’s history, culture, the people and the environment. How the history came about, how the locals preserve their history and do they still integrate ancient values to their daily life, and so on.


My details

  • Name: Emila Yusof (commercial name, not in full)
  • Profession: Children’s Book Author and Illustrator. Wannabe poet.
  • Hobby: Blogging | Travelling | Drawing | Reading
  • Graphic Designer since: 1995
  • Blogger since: 2006
  • Illustrator since: 2007
  • Children’s Book Author since: 2010
  • Place of birth: Raub, Pahang
  • Date of birth: 21 October
  • Location: Selangor & Kuala Lumpur


My published books

Fleeting Moments



mffIst winner of Kategori Buku Awal Kanak-Kanak Terbaik,
Anugerah Sastera Kanak-Kanak,FSK Malaysia.





3rd winner of Kategori Buku Awal Kanak-Kanak Terbaik,
Anugerah Sastera Kanak-Kanak,FSK Malaysia.


LP Ist winner of Kategori Buku Bergambar Kanak-Kanak Terbaik,
Anugerah Sastera Kanak-Kanak, FSK Malaysia.




I have been featured several times in the newspaper, magazine as well as blogs:

Exhibition participated so far:

The Whimsical Three – an exhibition highlighting illustrations from children’s picture books, premieres at ArtiSeri Gallery. Curated by Yusof Gajah, Malaysia’s foremost naive art artist and children’s book master, more than 50 pieces of original illustrations by notable children’s book illustrators: Emila Yusof, Evi Shelvia and Mazni Md. Ramly.
–  20 May – 3 June, ArtiSeri Gallery, Hotel Seri Pan Pacific PWTC K.L

Art Takes Miami : 1,001 Artists Project, a digital display of works by artists from all around the world.
– December 9th, Scope Art Show, Miami, FL

A Landmark and A Mission: The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library
– November 2nd – Pittsburgh Art Walk – Pittsburgh, PA
– November 3rd – RoosRoast – Ann Arbor, MI
– November 4th – Wade Oval – Cleveland, OH

Sketchbook Project 2011
Art House Co-Op, Brooklyn, USA
[My sketchbook was among 28838 sketchbooks that went on tour the following cities:  Brooklyn NY, Austin TX, San Francisco CA, Portland ME, Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Washington, DC and Winter Park, FL]
– February 19 – March 6, 2011 , Brooklyn, NY
– March 12, 2011,  Austin, TX, Austin Museum of Art
– March 13th, 2011,  Austin, TX, Ballroom at Spider House
– March 30-April 2, 2011, Portland, ME, SPACE Gallery
– April 8-9, 2011, Atlanta, GA, The Granite Room
– April 15-16, 2011, Washington, DC, Hillyer Art Space
– April 28 – 29, 2011, Rochester, NY, Mercer Gallery at Monroe Community College
– June 10-12, 2011, Seattle, WA, Touring with The Fiction Project Form/Space Ateller
– June 16-18, 2011, San Francisco, CA, Touring with The Fiction Project , Madrone Studios
– July 14-17, 2011, Chicago, IL, Touring with The Fiction Project, Hyde Park Art Center
– July 29-31, 2011, Winter Park, FL, Touring with The Fiction Project, Full Sail University

Floral Choral Exhibition
Date: 9th to 17th July 2011

Illustrators Exhibition
Organised by SCBWI Malaysia
Date: 20th – 23rd March 2011
Venue: Trade and Copyright Center, PWTC

Words+Pictures=Book, Contemporary Malaysian Picture Book Illustration
Organised by: Petronas Gallery
Date: 13 Jul 2010 – 26 Sep 2010
Venue: Bustle Gallery, Petronas Gallery, KLCC

The Cat Art Festival
Organised by ArtMalaysia
Date: 19th June – 27 th June 2010
Venue: ArtMalaysia Gallery, Jalan Pudu, KL

Magic Mirror: The Role of Malaysian Artists in Children Literature
Organised by SCBWI Malaysia
Date: 18th December 2008 – 20th January 2009
Venue: Wisma UOA , Jalan Pantai Jaya, KL

.ARGS – Ampang Road Girls’ School, KL – 1986
.Sekolah Menengah PutriJaya, Pudu, KL – 1982
.Sekolah Rendah (K) Kg Pandan, KL – 1981
.Sekolah Ren (K) Kem Terendak, Melaka – 1978

.Self-employed – Freelance Illustrator · August 2007 to present
.BERNAS – In-house Designer . June 1999 – August 2007
.MetroVision (World Infonexus) – Graphic Artist · May 1995 to June 1999



















  1. Hi Emila,

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  2. Hello Emila, my name is Pk Tan.

    First of all, congratulations for your great and useful site @ Emila’s illustrated Blog

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  3. Hi Emila,
    I came across your blog through the top 20 AllMalaysian Blogger Project. I fell in love with your artwork immediately.

    It is sweet, lovely and kind of remind me the time I spent in Malaysia. (Saya anak Malaysia juga)

    I left Malaysian since 13 years ago now staying in Singapore and started my own business consulting services and event management company. I love customised design as a special gift to clients. Would you mind that I ask what would be your charges for custom design for corporate?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    P.S. Keep up the good work. I believe you can go far if you want to.

  4. Hi Emila

    Stumbled upon your site and was really awed by your work. Really love your illustrations. I am in the midst of looking for someone to create a brochure for the business that I am in (am into baby things) and was thinking that a brochure with your illustration would be awesome and would hit the message that I wish to convey more clearly.

    So, I’m wondering whether you offer illustration services. Please let me know.

    Best Regards
    Azrina Mohd Azmi

  5. i think i saw your blog in print, it catch my attention but i didn’t eventually open it. Today, i stumble upon your blog and, i don’t why i like to stay here. Your work is very good and has calming effect, w00t. I especially love the cats in your drawing. My hand itchy to grab your pics but your forbid it 😆

    keep up the good work

  6. Hi Emila,
    Love your work!

    Pls contact me for a book project for young children I am working on.

    All the best,

  7. Hi Emila,

    What beautiful work you do! You are SO talented. I am always looking for interesting talents to work with, so I hope you don’t mind if I contact you for some work. My name is Georgina and I am Creative Director with a local advertising agency here in KL. If possible would love to meet up with you. Do drop me an email when you can.



  8. Hi Emila, I love your work. I bumped into your website when I was looking for vector artwork. Your art really stands out. I would like to contact you to add some personal touches on a site that I am working on.


  9. Hello Emilia,
    Your work is great! really great.. especially your illustrations. Never let anyone put u down by not having a black n white paper… talent is talent.. and u do not need a paper to tell the world you have talent. Your’s will be the sites i go to each day to take a peek now 😀

    take care!

  10. Hi Emila,

    Just so you know, my website’s running a greeting card contest where you can win some really cool stuff like WACOM Intuos pads and cash prizes as well.

    I know this seems a bit like spam, but it’s not. I’m actually scouring malaysia’s top design blogs to find people that do really cool stuff, and I’ve gotta say I love your artwork! It gives me this feeling of child-like wonder, which is exactly what we’re aiming for with greeting cards.

    Hope you’ll submit something for our contest ya? It’s at http://www.foldees.com.

    PS: email me if you’d like to publish something on your blog and I’ll send you the materials. Would really really appreciate it 🙂

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  12. I love your illustration. I feel like a kid again when I run through your blog. It was awesome!. I would like to post an article about you & your blog because I’m so in love with your artwork. Do you use any green product for your art? If you do let me know so I can shared it with my friends at my ‘go green’ blog.

    Keep up the good work emila!

  13. Hi Emila,

    I admire your illustrations so much, i think that you are so talented! 🙂 I go thru ur blog almost everyday to check on updates,your works are so beautiful!I also love illustrating,i’m currently a design student.I must say that you are truly an inspiration to me. All the best and keep up the good work!


  14. Hi there,
    I got your name from Ana who tells me that you do wonderful work…and you do. I am working on a Museum project for BNM and am looking for someone who can produce illustrations for the Children’s Gallery. I would like to meet up with you if you have the time to discuss your work and the feasibility of working with us on the project.
    Please give me a call – 03 2698 8044 ext 7192.
    Thank you.

  15. Hi emila,

    i bumped onto your website while i was searching for momiji dolls. do you know where i can find any of momiji dolls in MALAYSIA?…reply to my email. thanks.

    p/s: you are creative. keep up the good work.

  16. hello emila, i’m sorry to disturb you, but i just happened to read a post about you trying to knit. >..< I;m from selangor you see, is there any particular shop i could find? Thanks in advance!! .<

  17. Salam kak Emila! saya tahu mengenai kak Emila dr. Aki. ^_^ akak miliki blog yg sgt cantek banget!+cute sangat! lepas baca “About Emila”, baru tahu yg akak tinggal di Ampang. Am staying there too with my parents. Masih anak emak lagi. huhuuuu…^)^

    anyways, keep up the good job+keep posting ok. And…

    Selamat Tahun Baru 2009!!!

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        1. @iYdaJuhar, iyda, mulakan dengan membeli sketchbook, pensel 2B dan pemadam (kalau boleh yang tak berhabuk).

          Buat permulaan, lukis benda yang dihadapan mata; contohnya handphone ke, tangan ke, bear ke. lepas tu…study lighthing pada bahan yang dilukis, ikut mana yang boleh. untuk shading sengetkan sedikit pensel dan guna kapas untuk rub bagi shading nampak cantik.

  19. Assalamualaikum Emila,

    First of all saya teruja baca profile Emila. U’re very talented…syukur. Cuz u x ade ape2 sijil yg berkaitan dgn ape yg u dah buat selama nie. Even me, got diploma major in graphic design x boleh melukis secomel Emila. Heheheh…anyway, congrats. Feel free to visit my blog – http://simpledelicateandpure.blogspot.com….juz an ordinary personal blog. I suke sgt website u….

  20. Kakak..nak tanya dekat mane price paling murah untuk print A2 size sahaja… area kl, pj ke..

    pastu ada tak yg wat skali framing kayu pon takpe.. tq maceh
    ps: nice work and painting kakak xde show kat gallery mane2 ke?

  21. Hi Emila, Salam. We are children boardgame designers looking for an Illustrator to design our product. The terms shall be on per project basis.

    Looking at your artwork there are some that does appeal us.

    If you are interested, do drop me a line and I shall discuss the details of our project with you.

    Payment is per project basis.

    Many thanks.

  22. Hello Mrs Emila, im a 21 year old student of graphic design. My mom is from Raub too! I have no jobs to offer u 😀 but i just need to tell you how u inspired me that i can do what i wanna do. As i hate thinking that my sole purpose of studying is to go and work for ad company.I always thinking of going freelance after graduating but too scared to do so since everyone around me tell me i need to paint a bigger picture and work as much to gain money and stuff. What i picture to be my future is unrealistic to some people but i do want it to come true. Mind me for rambling, i just want you to know that finding this website truely make my day and a double boast on my passion. You don’t know me and im sorry for making a long comment. I just need to tell you, you really inspired me. So,thank you Mrs Emila

    1. Your mom is from Raub too? That is great!

      Tell you what; I’m gonna reply to your long comment soon and tell you my experience in the working field as well as freelancing. I need to clear my house chores first, so talk to you later, k!

    1. Hi Liyana!

      Ok, to start as freelancer right after you graduate takes a lot of hard work. You have to make yourself/your art known first. Things you need to do are join art communities, networking yourself and most of all show your artwork to people; in another word–blogging. From here, people will know you bit by bit. Took me three years to build all this as a freelancer. Lucky for me, my friends are from printing/publishing field, so they support me a lot by giving me extra jobs.

      Butplease be aware that payments doesn’t come easy; sometimes it takes 6 months for agencies to pay. So make sure you have enough savings throughout one year of freelancing. You also need money to equip yourself with color printers, high-end computers, good quality printing papers, etc.

  23. Erkzz.. ok maybe i think i should consider working first. Just to gain connection and experiences. Btw, thank you so much Mrs Emila, you really have great artworks. 😀

  24. Hi! Kak Emila,

    I get to know your blog through Yoon See. I was made to understand that you are the person behind to effect those makeover on her blog.

    In this connection, appreciate if you could take a look at my blog and let me know how you can take it further.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you,

    Warmest regards and have a lovely day,

  25. Hai Kak Emila.

    Saya Syu. Taka ada apa special utk dikongsi kan ke kakak. Tapi saya betul2 mahu keep-in-touch terus dgn kakak. Kakak beri inspirasi pada saya. Hari ni first day singgah di blog kakak dan sungguh menakjubkan. Kakak punya talent tahap wah-ini-sangat-kool !!! Heheh. Betul2 harap dapat terus bhubung lebih akrab.

    Syuhada (:

  26. Hi Emilia,

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    All the best,
    Sarah at PutItOn.com

  27. saya bukak kosmo dan ader cerita kak emilia
    saya terus bukak dan saya terus suka
    sebab saya tak reti melukis
    hanya mampu tengok orang melukis je…

    selamat maju jaya 🙂

  28. Hi Emila
    Terus buka your site after reading about it in KOSMO! and omg you are so talented..cantik sangat. Tx to Kosmo, kalau tak i tak tau pun ada artist yang talented mcm u. Anyway, how do you charge for designs/cartoon for commercial purpose. I like giving personalized/creative/unique gifts to our customers, am interested to know more. Please email me.


  29. You have a wonderful space here. You are such a beautiful person, and that is reflected in the creativity presented. I love the character illusrations of yourself. They are so cute, and bring out your peacefulness in who you are. Most of the things you like, I also like. It’s nice to meet such nice people who are the simplest in nature.

  30. Kak Emila,

    Farah memang suka sifat-sifat yang ada dalam diri akak.sangat ringkas.Kak Emila juga adalah seorang artist yang pandai mereka dolly yang comel dan header untuk mereka yang sudah tempah.Sungguh cantik hasil kerja tangan akak. 🙂

    Harapnya akak sentiasa bahagia selalu.

  31. salam.. kak emila
    1st time sya visit blog ni..hati saya dh terpaut
    cantik & kreatif…
    kalaulah saya juga punya bakat seperti kakak

  32. hi kak,
    Nie nak tanyer…. kalu ade website yg bleh jual greeting card …. kite kat sini nak ade etra income le… tapi tak tahu cam mane ….tolong yek kak ….
    p/s: i love ur illustrations all…. the best n ori…

  33. salam kenal dari saya, baloot.
    memang banyak info yg bole saya pakai kat blog ni. terima kasih bnyk2. 😀

    saya merupakan seorang freelance web developer. tapi tak terer sgt bhgn grafik designer. sket2 tu bole la.. hee..

    p/s: tolong cubitkan utk saya pipi Yassin tu. sooo cute lar.. sebaya dengan anak sedara saya.. hee..

  34. You’re amazing!!! You have inspired me kak emilia. I love arts to. But didn’t know how to channel it as something that with $$$ value. You inspire me to look arts (drawing n painting) not just as a hobby. When nobody said our works were impressing, should we stop it and dumped it?

  35. you’re very amazing.you make me feel arts is very wonderful things in the world.if there is no arts i think my life is not happy.there is no colours,no arts and no kak emila.go kak emila you can do the best.

  36. Emila, i was searching online for a good artist to do my contextual reasearch on and i love your work 🙂
    Do i have permission to use one of your drawings/paintings of a pair of shoes and put (art related) information of you onto my contexual page?
    It would be very helpful =]

      1. i wont be putting my contextual onto the internet as it is schoolwork but i can show you it once i have completed it if you would like 🙂
        i think i need (in terms of information) your info on things like your distinction in art and the graphic design job.
        thank you so much =]
        i love the drawings of shoes that you do 😀 i think i might use one of them =]

  37. Emila – I came across your site after reading Daphne Lee’s recent blog posting on the SCBWI Malaysia chapter. What beautiful artwork! If you ever come across any children’s literature events happening in Malaysia that we could share with our readers, please send me an email! Much appreciated. Corinne

  38. Kak Emila,
    I read your profile coz was curious to know more about you after you generously donated your work for our Children’s Dinner on 10 Dec. First wud like to say – am personally very grateful. Second, having read your blog and profile I think you are a very beautiful person (in and out) and I would love to be a friend.
    Best regards,

  39. Dear Kak Emila,

    Your designs are a delight to look at. You also have a very very remarkable story to tell. I think anybody who reads your story and see your designs (especially the postcard series) will be amazed and inspired by you. Congratulations on your good work.

    Would you like to spread your advices to young kids who will be making their career choices? I would humbly invite you to be a role model to share your experiences and thoughts on how you ended up in your current career path. This I believe, will be awe-inspiring for the young people not knowing what to do with their lives. So if you agree to be a ‘featured’ role-model on a website, please contact me via my e-mail. (I will not be typing out the email and site to avoid being categorise as spamming) Thank you in advance, irrespective whether you take up this offer or not.

    I will send you a formal e-mail shall you accept this offer. Thank you Kak Emila once again.


  40. Oh, many apologies for having to post another comment, but I forgot to mention that due to the site’s lack of sponsors and non-profit nature, we cannot be offering you any monetary rewards for your time shall you accept our offer to be a role model via a short 5 question interview. The only reward we can offer is to let you know that you have probably inspired many young adults in the process with your story. God bless you.

  41. Assalamualaikum

    Tengah merewang2 di internet tadi,
    tiba2 terjumpa blog ini.
    Terus saya jatuh cinta.
    Design blog ni simple tapi menarik,
    sejuk mata memandang.

    Rupa2nya penulisnya ialah orang Kg Sega.
    Tak jauh lah dari kampungku tu…Kuala Dong.

  42. Kak.Emilia… Can you teach me how ???? I so interest abaout your illustration…
    I want to know about the material, tools and what kind of material of it. I hope you
    can share it for me… I wanna be like you…

    Best Regard

  43. Hi Emila!
    Count me in as one of the fans. 😉
    I am new to illustration/drawing and loving it so much that I created a website mostly
    dedicated to creativity and the joy of creating.
    Wishing you the best in 2010 and always.

  44. salam, would like to invite you to UPSI to give a talk to my students March, 20th.
    Can you email me your contact, so that I can call you. Really2 appreciate it…


  45. Hi Emila,

    Just wanted to drop by to say that you’ve been an inspiration to many with your remarkable story telling and delightful designs. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Having said that, have you heard of SOFY360 Challenge on http://www.sofy360.com? Check it out and vote your favorite picture that ‘shouts’ living life without restrictions! Or you could also submit your picture. It’s really fun and you could even win an adventure trip to Bali!

  46. Assalamualaikum, bila baca sikit background akak lebih kurang saya, except i got A1 in Art subject for my SRP, not SPM. Saya ni salah sorang pegawai kanan dlm Kerajaan. Tapi angan2 nak jadi husband work at home sbb sayu tengok anak2 duduk di Tadika, rasa nak jaga mereka 24 jam kalau boleh or may be tired of working from 8 to 4 for almost 10 years kot. Sacrifice everything for the government. Ntah. Dipendek cerita saya suka watercolours..i got little bit talent. Don’t know where to start, so bole bagi tips, mana nak cari peralatan melukis yg berkualiti. Klau kedai biasa memang x dapat. especially kertas lukisan yang baik for water colours. Thanx

  47. assalamualaikum..
    finally,,i found ur site..
    1st tau psl kak,tyme farah n kwn g glri seni kt klcc..
    syumil la ur work..
    tringin kot nk knl mse tu..
    hafal email..tp lupe.hee
    buku kraf tu..sronok!farah prktik..hee

    btw,,nice 2 know u

  48. salam kak Emila,

    hey i’m proud of u..! penah belek buku kraf tu sbb sukakan kartunyer tapi tataw author nyer was born sekmpung dgn saya 🙂 keep up the good works kak


  49. sy menjelajah blog akak sementara internet masih laju 😀 i like ur journey kak emi. saya sebenarnya notice kak emi punye blog ni tahun 2009 kot. cume xberapa bukak, lupe2 gitu. tp sy memang perasan dolly kak emi yg comel tu 🙂 baru2 ni sy baru mula aktif di sini. Entah kenapa, rasa selesa je drop sini, komen2, tengok kak emi tulis2, post2 drawing. seronok.. (mungkin sbb lahir tarikh same kot.hehe..)

    yg penting, sy suka kesederhanaan kak emila yusof. u are my inspiration 🙂 <3 <3

    1. thank you kerana merasa selesa drop by blog kak emila. sekarang ni dah tak ramai yang drop by kat sini, entah kenapa visitors menurun tapi takpe itu semua tak menghlanag kak emila berblog dan juga menjadi inspirasi kepada yang berminat.

      1. All the best kak! Cayok2!! ^_^

        kak, takde subscribe utk comment ke, sbb kalau kite komen, akak reply, boleh dapat makluman kt email. easier nk tahu reply akak 🙂

  50. Hello K Mila… Saya masuk tgk site ni. Sedap mata memandang.. Anyway, saya husband sha, yg advertise kat sini. Saya yg suggest dia buat kat sini.. Moga maik ramai msk site ni dan K Mila terus berkreatif..

  51. Assalamualaikum Emila,

    Blog hopping today and arrived at your blog. Thought it would be nice to say hi after looking around. Tak baik pula tak sapa tuan rumah lepas puas pusing2 tengok rumah 🙂

    I find your drawing and art really cute and appealing especially to someone who is ‘artistically challenged’ like me haha (selalu dapat C dalam kelas lukisan). Allah beri manusia pelbagai bakat. I’m really proud to see that nowadays many Malaysians are producing high quality books for children. Will get them for my children when I return to Malaysia insyaAllah.

    All the best in your work. May it bring lots of goodness and barakah in your life.

    1. walaikumassalam bb, thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to leave me comment. Thank you for your support and I hope to contribute more to the children books industry.

  52. Hi Kak Emila… salam perkenalan dari saya 😀
    First time menjengah Blog Kak Emila, saya dah jatuh hati dengan illustrasi akak yang comel2 tu… sgt awesome!!! Teruskn sis….. smoga trus berjaya…

  53. Hello Emila,

    How are you? Hope all is good. I found your works from Creative United Store. I was attracted to your Specky Girl and cat. I was about to purchase it, however my sister asked me to see if we can commission you to do a version of that of me and my cat Fifi?
    I love your style of work and I hope you can agree.
    If you are agreeable, please do contact me, as than we can talk further.

    Thank you
    Best regards

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