The Tremendous Trio: How They Met

The Tremendous Trio: How They Met is an illustrated storybook about a scruffy dog, a boy named Nash, a girl named Alice, and how they become friends.

It is a fun storybook to read; on how a shy girl overcomes her shyness and builds confidence. The truth is that none of us are born with social skills; there are things that we learn over time. Whatever our age or situation, we can learn to overcome shyness or social awkwardness, banish loneliness, and enjoy strong, fulfilling friendships.


The Story

The scruffy dog likes to make friends with other dogs, but it seems that she is not pretty enough to mix with those that had names and collars, that didn’t have ticks and fleas or dirt and mites. She is sad.

Alice is feeling awkward around unfamiliar people (it’s her first day at an orphanage), unsure of what to say, and worries about what others might think of her. She is shy too. When other kids ask if she likes to play together, she just stares at her feet till they go away. She is sad.

On the contrary, Nash who lives in the same orphanage, never seems afraid of anything; he talks a lot and all kids seem to like him. He is one happy boy.

One day, the scruffy dog and Alice cross path with each other and quickly became friends. Alice named the dog Bella and takes Bella to the orphanage. The scruffy happy Bella quickly makes friends with all the kids in the orphanage; they like to play with her and did not care about her scruffy appearance.

Alice learned from Bella how to be brave and confident. Alice begins to say ‘yes’ when other kids ask her to play. She sometimes even asks if she can join and play together.

Alice overcomes her shyness and becomes Nash’s best friend. Together with Bella, they often play together and likes to make up wondrous adventures. Soon they become inseparable and become The Tremendous Trio.

They have lots of fun in the orphanage. You must read to find out what are the adventures they are up to. From the last page, the author ensures that there will be other adventures for The Tremendous Trio. How They Met is the first and describes each of them, and how they meet.

The Book

Title: The Tremendous Trio: How They Met
Publisher: Oyez!Books
ISBN: 9789670908069
Author: Quek Sue Yian
Illustrator: Evi Shelvia
Language: English
Format: Softcover
Size: 210 x 148.5mm
Price: RM22.00

The Author and Illustrator

QUEK SUE YIAN has published short stories and articles for newspapers. Kailash is Sue’s first venture in writing a story for children and adults alike. She is the founder of One-for-One Books, a not-for-profit organisation that distributes books to less privileged children. She is also the publisher of MagicBird Publishing that publishes picture books that encourage children to ask questions. The books are part of her Wisdom Club for children.

EVI SHELVIA was born in Jakarta. She studied industrial design. In 2009 her family moved to Kuala Lumpur following her husband’s new appointment. The first picture book she illustrated, The Gift of the Ladybug, was an Amazon bestseller on the first day of its launch. This encouraged her to illustrate children’s picture books professionally. She has illustrated for a number of picture books both locally and internationally.

You can buy this book from Oyez Book Store online or you can visit Silverfish Book Store at Level 2, Bangsar Shopping Vilage 2, KL

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