Collaboration with My Town KL

A collaboration with MyTownk KL, Cheras, in conjunction with 2017 Hari Raya festival.

Illustration copyright © Emila Yusof. Illustrations I did include Dina (my character from Dina Series), goats, rooster, hen, chicks, bicycle, monkeys and ketupat. Layout is done by Leo Burnett.
Please do not copy and use it in any manner.


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Hari Raya Goodies

This Raya, Oyez!Books together and I havecome up with two designs for sampul duit (money packet) and with the help of our partner, Creative United, two must-have sling bags.

The Happy Family design by Emila Yusof is quintessential Emila, and we just have to smile as it gets us right into the Raya spirit which is all about family and balik kampung. For collectors of sampul raya, this has the benefit too of being an all-year-round sampul duit.

The Kampungku design is by Elly Nor Suria. Oyez! has published a Kampung colouring book by Elly and now you can get inspired and colour yours too. The colourful patchwork of kampung scenery is so lovely, we are so proud to have it on this all-year-round sampul duit. For your information, Elly also paints her kampung scenes on larger canvas and accepts commission. Do check her out on FB.

We have packed these sampul raya and sling bags into special gift packages at attractive prices for you so why not get them as gifts for this Raya celebration?

To buy, please visit:

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