Top Commenter Giveaways for Oct/Nov 2016


I don’t have much to give but I want to give something for Top Commenter for the combined month of October/November 2016. The top ONE will get a set of my colouring books published by German publisher, Feingespinst Verlag, and in addition a colouring postcards booklet published by Arena Verlag that I bought in Frankfurt. And oh, minus the dried leaves, of course. 😀

Please read below to understand more on how to win the books:

  1. Comment away from now until 30 November, 2016. It means your name have to appear top on my Oct/Nov 2016 Top Ones widget (right sidebar). Refresh to see your name and comments count.
  2. Please come often and check the count. You need to put in more comments if you are overtaken by other commenters.
  3. If you are a first-timer, your comment is under moderation. Please allow some time for me to approve.
  4. Opens to anyone interested.
  5. Closing date/time:November 302016, 11.59pm.

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  1. Dah lama tak beraktiviti macam ni…Dulu kalau nak dapat hadiah memang kena berjuang habis-habisan sampai minit terakhir… kelakar pula bila teringat.

    1. Hihi.. lama syuq menyepi.. saya pun hampir ketinggalan keretapi.. ada separuh bulan lagi ni.. jom la kita komen banyak2 lagi ^_^

    2. Mana la geng yg rajin komen dulu2 ni.. Glory jane, jaja, alia.. kak Hazural ada muncul juga sekali sekala.. rindu pula dgn adik kakak semua 😉

        1. Kerja kat tmpt lama dulu senang nk komen beratus. Skrg kat tmpt baru susah sikit. Busy memanjang. Tapi cuba juga meriahkan blog kak Em ni 🙂

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