Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe by Rakeru, Tokyo

As a big fan of Beatrix Potter and her creation, Peter Rabbit, going to its cafe is a must, so I did that on my second day in Tokyo with my friend Mazni and her daughter, Nadya.


This cafe is situated at Jiyugaoka area, a stylish and chic neighbourhood at the southern part of Meguro-ku.

Arriving at this cafe, first thing that I noticed was the beautiful alfresco garden setting. I ran up the stairs and opened the cafe’s door excitedly, just like a little kid entering a wonderland. It was truly a fantastic feeling.

prcafeTell me how would you feel seeing a cafe like this? Amazing, right?

Once inside, we helped ourselves to a table. The setting is very English, of course, to honour Beatrix Potter, the well-known  English writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist best known for her children’s books featuring animals, such as those in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

On the table there were two copies of  Peter Rabbit books (in Japanese), a jar of wrapped cube sugars, a pitcher of plain water, drink glasses, as well as little bell to ring. There was also Petter Rabbit waiting for us.

peter-rabbitPeter Rabbit and Dina.

peter-rabbit2We invited Flopsy Bunny from next table to join us.

We ordered two coffee (with Peter Rabbit art), hot chocolate, and Doubleberry French Toast Casserole. Everything was nicely presented and we went oohs and aahs eating the yummy casserole. The coffee and chocolate was good too.



We spent more than two hours at the cafe just enjoying the surrounding while making photos and videos. Here’s a video made by Nadya, featuring Mazny as the intro:

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  1. Stay di bilik Hello Kitty, then makan pula di Peter Rabbit Cafe.. Syok sungguh laa 😀 Best tengok coffee dgn buku Peter Rabbit in Japanese tu.. Peter Rabbit & Flopsy bunny are so cutee! <3

      1. Haha.. kalau bawa budak2, boleh bankrup layankan kehendak diorang :’) terlebih muatan pula nak angkut semua Peter Rabbit bawa naik flight -_-“

    1. Yela kan.. banyak benda baru dan tempat2 menarik yg tak pernah tau pun kewujudannya sebelum ni.. betul2 membuka mata & minda 😀

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