Verona, Italy; City of Romance

I was not planning to visit Verona at all, but a friend told me that it is good to visit as Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s Castle) is located there, and so I visited the city with some of my friends.

We visited the so-called castle and there’s a bronze Juliet statue in the courtyard. Most all of the tourists seemed to be wanting to be photographed with the statue while groping its breast. For good luck in love, they said. I was not too keen and I refuse to belief the myth.

juliet-statueJuliet statue by Nereo Costantini (1905-1969).

The area was too full with tourists and we couldn’t even breathe, so we opted walking outside the castle, along the old street, that looks more enticing.

Verona tends to bring out the romantic in everyone who made the trip to see Juliet’s castle, balcony and statue, which in reality are just a good bit of marketing strategy to market Verona to tourists. Historians said there is nothing to link the house to Shakespeare’s tragic love story but however, archaeologists unearthed skeletons believed to be Romeo and Juliet outside Mantua, 25 miles south of Verona.

But anyway, despite the romantic fiction, the town is full of artistic, historical and cultural histories. Some of the places we visited was Castelvecchio, Piazza Brà and the Roman Arena.


Castelvecchio (Old castle) with its amazing fortified bridge, represent a military monument of the Scaligera (the Scaligera was the noble family, also called “della Scala”, that governed Verona) dominion. The castle housed Verona’s principal art gallery.



We visited Piazza Brà, a large open square where the town’s most remarkable sight, the Arena, is located. The main part of The Arena is well preserved, though an outer ring of arches is almost lost. With a total length of 139 meters and a width of 110 meters, it is one of the largest amphitheatres in the world and, after the one in Rome.

Here are some photos of attractive buildings around Piazza Brà.








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  1. Erk, kenapa ada myth mcm tu >.< Tak sanggup nak percaya..
    Banyaknya tingkap yg besar lagi luas kat sini dgn rekaan yg pelbagai 🙂
    Nampak mmg ramai sungguh pelancong. Suka tgk gambar last yg banyak tumbuhan mcm kat taman ^_^

    1. Aisha…. kalau teringat buku cerita ‘Romeo & Juliet’ .. dah boleh gambarkan macam mana Romeo berinteraksi dengan Juliet secara curi-curi dari Balkoni kecil tuuu… 😀

  2. Salah satu impian saya untuk pg melawat tempat ni. Buat masa ni bermimpi dulu. Kena tunggu anak2 besar jg jk tak susah nak bawa hehe

  3. Saya sangat suka gambar yg ada tingkap/cermin tu. Unik. Terfikir apa yg ada dlm bilik tu…hanya sis Emila je tahu sebab dia yg ambil gambar hehe

  4. Saya tengok blk gambar2 d sini dan teringat pernah nmpk dokumentari ttg patung juliet tu. Mmg ramai percaya myth itu. Jk saya d sana ambil gambar je lah. Jodoh semua d tangan tuhan..

  5. Tersenyum saya sorang2 baca perenggan kedua Sis… ‘groping its breast’… hahahaaa, semata-mata untuk berjaya dalam cinta @ mendapat cinta sejati.. so funny.
    Mungkin ni wedding dress Juliet sebelum dia mati bunuh diri kan???

    1. Hazural mmg lucu statement sis Emila. Jk tengok dokumentari ttg patung ni jgn terkejut ramainya beratur nak pegang “sana” termasuk perempuan jg. Lelaki confirm la plg ramai 😉

  6. Patung juliet tu jg sebenarnya warna kuning keemasan. Tp dah jd separuh bronze sebab ramai org pegang. Saya pernah sampai tertanya pernah tak dorang bg lap patung tu hehe

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