BACA – The Reading Room & Cafe, Temerloh, Pahang.

The first time I went to Temerloh was 4 years ago and recently I had the chance to be there again to conduct an art workshop at BACA’s Meet the Author Series 2016 at BACA – The Reading Room & Cafe, Temerloh, Pahang.


BACA – The Reading Room & Cafe, 81, 1st Floor, Jalan Dagang 1, Dynaton Bukit Angin, Temerloh.
Photo credit: BACA.

BACA is situated in a new commercial area in Temerloh; Dynaton Bukit Angin. With alluring strategic location within Temerloh town and the main road, BACA’s location allows for local booklovers community (or passing-by travellers) to just come and seek a great perhaps (this is the motto of BACA).

According to BACA’s owner, Surina Suhaimi, its core objective is to promote reading in the local community. BACA’s range of books include literatures (new and vintage), fictions, non-fictions, autobiographies, children’s books (be it chapter or picture), indies (those from Fixi, Dubook, Selut, to name a few), comics (Marvel, Ujang, Tiga Dara Pingitan, etc), Chinese books (I saw those from Jimmy Liao!), travel books and many more!




Surina even put on sale some of her own books that she collected from her travels. I found a book that caught my eyes, Blumenmärchen by Ernst Kreidolf, published in 1982. The book was printed in Japan and Surina told me that she picked the book up during her travel to Japan. It is now in my possession, for free! Thank you, Surina. I really appreciated it.

BACA has been in business since November last year and in its effort to promote local authors, as well as reading, it is now having a BACA’s Meet the Author Series 2016. In its 1st series, BACA introduces me (I am truly honoured) and next in row will be Gina Yap Lai Yoong (the date is yet to be announced). The series will be conducted once a month.

Apart from books, BACA offers light food and drinks (will update the list soon). You can read and have coffee at the reading area. So, if you chooses to drop by, you can stay the whole day without the worry of stopping for a lunch break. List of drinks include Espresso, Mocha, Cafe Latte, Cappucino, Chai Latte, Hot chocolate, Decaf of no 1-5, Kopi O (1 cafetiere) – Aik Cheong blend and many more. While list of food includes Thick Toast set of 2 with kaya and margarine, Thick toast set of 2 with butter and imported jams, Assortment of cakes (sliced), Tour les jours soft cookies, Creamy egg sandwich, Famous Amos cookies, Peanut cookies and Haw flakes. Their weekend brunch set will be introduced soon.

With a multitude of offerings, BACA invites all to fill its space. Do find your way to BACA – The Reading Room & Cafe.
Address: 81, 1st Floor, Jalan Dagang 1, Dynaton Bukit Angin, Temerloh.
Opens from 10am until 10pm.
Tel:  011-1089 0415
Facebook page: BACA – The Reading Room & Cafe.

I found a heaven in Temerloh.

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  1. Oh i love their concept.
    I’ve dream of oppening a place like this (baca reading room and cafe) for such a long time… Please pray for my dream to come true dear friends….

  2. Temerloh is not too far away from KL, my friends..just get on the East Coast Highway from Gombak Toll and you are on your way…

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