The perks of Lufthansa Premium Economy Class

And so, I went to Frankfurt Book Fair for the fourth time on a premium economy class with Lufthansa.

My check-in with double luggage (up to combined weight of 23 kg) went smooth and I proceeded to the gate when it was time for boarding. When I boarded and seated, I was greeted with a smile, a selection of current reading material, and a welcome drink.

drinksOrange juice with minced leaf or something like that as a welcome drink. Taste is good! Let me know if you know what those green thingy are.

The premium economy seat was everything that I hoped for a long-haul flight (12 hours); more personal space that offers up to 50 per cent more space altogether on all sides. A high quality travel kit located at the seat (below armrest) with many useful accessories surely provides additional relaxation. In front of me, there was a bottle of water as well as more reading materials.

legroomAmple legroom! Normally on economy seat, my knees would touch the front seat. Oh, but anyway,  I was in front row, so no seat ever touched my knees!

After I made myself comfortable, I fold out the touch-screen monitor from the front side of the armrest. Entertainment was wonderful! There were like 100 films in up to eight languages, 200 TV programmes, 300 music CDs with an excellent selection of music and songs from all genres, up to 30 Lufthansa radio channels and more.

While watching a new movie, Self/Less (I thought Ryan Reynolds looks good in the movie), I was offered another drink together with a snack. And a little after that, a menu of meal selection was handed to me. I took my time choosing from the menu and enjoy my meal served on fine china. Meal was great!



With the premium economy seat that was definitely far more comfortable than a normal economy seat, I spent two comfortable hours watching the movie, with my seat reclined and footrest extended. On the screen, there’s a USB port where I charged my mobile phone.

Before I really intended to have my long-haul sleep, I put on some music—mixed playlist of my favourite oldies namely R.E.M, Earth Wind and Fire, and The Cure—and let myself fall asleep naturally. Last I heard was Love Song by The Cure.

When I woke up, it was breakfast time. I must’ve slept for more than 7 hours! It was a great sleep and was my first proper sleep after days of sleepless nights clearing my work prior to the trip.

Not long after breakfast, the captain announced that we would be landing soon. The aircraft touched down Frankfurt Flughafen runway at about 7am as estimated. It was really a great flight as I was well rested and well fed on the plane.

Here’s a factsheet of all the perks on Lufthansa Premium Economy Class:

factsheetCredit image:

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  1. The flight sounds very pleasant. I used to hate to fly cause it make me naucious, and puke. Hahaha… That was because i was too excited when boarding.
    After that bad experience, everytime i’m on a flight, i will always make sure to stay calm and sit still untill takeoff. Hehe

    1. Not only the dessert, all of the food looks yummy to me eventhough I don’t know what are they 😉 The orange juice looks tasty despite the presence of unknown thingy.. hihi..

      1. hehe.. rak pun boleh 😛 saya lagi la.. pernah naik air asia je.. huhu. bila tah nak try naik yg lain.. teringin juga nak merasa..

    1. oh, mcm logic je kalau daun pudina 🙂 wah, jane ada biras org mesir la 😀 salas tu mmg salas ke (unknown thingy to me :p) or salad?

        1. oh, ingatkan nama masakan Mesir yg saya tak tau.. hehe.. saya kalau taip kat HP pun kena check dulu sblm tekan enter. sbb suka tekan laju2, mesti ada je salah.. sama la kat PC/laptop pun~

        1. Err.. betul kot.. hihi, sebenarnya saya pun tak sure jugak istilah2 ni..
          okla tu rajin masak.. dpt la merasa masakan mesir selalu kan 🙂 syoknyaa..

            1. oh, ingatkan sedap.. huhu. saya ni biasanya selera antarabangsa tapi tak pernah lagi kot merasa masakan mesir yg pure.. kena tgk jenis masakan juga kot sebelum try..

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