A walk to remember at Bethmann Park


They wiggled and giggled, and seemed as if they danced with the autumn wind that blew upon them. In my imagination, I heard them say, “come dance with us!”

I stopped and gazed, and thought, “what a beautiful spray of fuchsias.”

This was one of the scenes I remember so well as if I visited the park yesterday despite the fact that it had been more than a month. The pale-pink fuchsias must’ve been withered by now against the mossy bricks of Bethmann Park, just like the fate of their cousins, the fandango-pink fuchsias.


It was truly a revivifying visit. Surrounded by flowers, plants and trees, I feel like I was a part of the nature; if I had not been a human, I’d be a magical walking tree with two legs wearing black boots. While imagining that, serendipity knocked, as I walked by pass a clump of grass. I had put a spell on the grass and painted it black!


OK, I got carried away in my imagination. It was my first time seeing Black Mondo grass. Jakun sikit. Black Mondo grass is not the typical kind of grass. It is a member of the lily family and are closely related to the notorious lily of the valley. It has bell-shaped pink flowers with white overtones rising above the foliage from mid to late summer. It’s attractive grassy leaves remain black in colour throughout the season. It produces black berries from early to mid fall.

As I walked further in the park, immersing my thoughts with nature, I came across other beauties, as if I entered Claude Monet’s garden, with reference to The Artist’s Garden At Giverny, c.1900.


My imagination ran wild and later I was in Alice’s Wonderland where a gigantic chessboard lay not far from the Monet’s garden.


No Red Queen here, unfortunately.

Back to reality. Here are some more photos from the park. I’m not going to post typical shots of flowers though, there’s too many on the Internet.






Napoleon once strolled under the green leaves here at Bethmann Park, not to mention many royals and leaders visiting Frankfurt. The park was once owned by the Bethmann family. It was bought by the city in 1941 and some twelve years later, a public garden was created.

Hidden behind walls in the middle of Bornheim, an area filled with small cafes, neighbourhood shops and restaurants, this small idyllic refuge is calling visitors to take a quiet break from the noise and clamour of the city.

The Bethmann park is certainly worth a visit as it is one of the off-the-beaten paths in Frankfurt. The easiest way to reach the park is by underground, it is just a short walk along Berger Straße from the Merianplatz Station on the U4 line.

Bethmann Park,
Friedberger Landstraße/Berger Straße,
Frankfurt am Main (Bornheim/Ostend).

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  1. MasyAllah. I wonder why i haven’t got the chance to read your blog. Today is the first. Your words in describing your imagination are amazing. SubhanAllah. Allah gives you amazing gifts. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. wow, many royals and leaders visit this park! kiranya famous la park ni ye.. Why I only learn about it now.. definitely an eye-opener 😉

          1. Aisha…. buat masa ni just jebna ‘feeling’ melalui travelog orang dulu laa… harap2 kalau ada rezeki lebih, sampai juga kita ke tempat2 ni…

                1. lama tak berkelah.. kat sini biasa pegi Tanjung Harapan.. pastu mkn snack sambil menghayati keindahan laut biru (ok, tak biru sgt kot)~

    1. hehe.. semalam saya ada je tgk jane dgn hafsah tambah komen.. tapi malas nak join sebab byk benda lain nak buat.. saya pun rasa berasap juga otak kejar komen hari ni.. baru awal bulan dah 300.. tak dpt bayang kalau akhir bln 3000 ke pulak komennya >.<

      1. eh, yela kan.. diorang tgh main catur ke.. tapi kalau blh gerakkan, nanti ada org buat nakal pegi ambil letak tempat lain pula >.<

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