My new book: My Father’s Farm


Alhamdulillah, my new book in the DinaSeries is out. You can buy online from or buy from Silverfish Books located at Level 2, Bangsar Shopping Village 2, Bangsar, KL.

My Father’s Farm (RM25.00)
Author :Emila Yusof
Illustrator :Emila Yusof
Size:190 x 135mm
Publisher :Oyez!Books
ISBN :9789670908052

Description:Β Dina follows her father around the farm. She lends a helping hand and has lots of fun.

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    1. sekarang ni tgh meriah, tapi jaja pula yg takde..
      dah tak jadi burung hantu lagi ke skrg? hehe..
      tunggu syuq pun tak muncul2 lagi ni.. mana la kome berdua ye..

  1. Hopefully akan ada lagi buku dina series dalam masa terdekat ni.
    My sons love all especially this one because have lots of animals πŸ™‚

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