How to cope with sadness in J’attends Mamy



I fell in love with this book when I saw the cover at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014. Bought it right away.

It was in French and thanks to online free translation, I managed to understand the story.

The story is beautiful and poetic. A little girl’s granny had left the house but she was told that her granny would be home soon. Waiting for granny to return, the little girl spent her time outdoor talking to the trees, ladybug, dragonfly and many more.



One day, her father explains that her granny is dead, that she is not coming back. The girl eventually understand that new phase of life begins; life without Granny.

I personally love the illustrations which were done in pencil where some elements were tinted red. The illustrations really complement the story and there was a moment, or two, that I broke to tears.

I am so happy that I bought this precious book.

Publication details:
Format: Hardcover
Language: French
ISBN: 9782874261404
Published: 2011
Pages: 32
Publisher: Alice-Jeunesse (Alice Youth Editions)

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