Top March Commenters

Hello April! I am not going to fool anybody today, so here are my top 5 for March:

As promised, the Top 3 will get giveawas that I bought in Italy:

Lya will get A book (in Italian language) titled La Gallinella Rossa with autograph of the illustrator.


Jaja will get A book titled Il Sussurro Degli Dei. This book has beautiful illustrations of princesses.


Syuq will get Random collection of bookmarks and postcards from Bologna Bookfair.


As for Cik Cloudy and Farahana, I will send a mystery gift each!

I have addresses of all four except for Lya. Lya please send your home and phone number to my e-mail:

Congrats everybody! Thank you for making my blog merrier. Stay tuned for April’s giveaway because I have more exciting giveaways await you!

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  1. Tahniah Lya! Hadiah untuk baby comel baca nanti (^_^)
    Tahniah Jaja! Suka betul saya ngusik Jaja hehe…
    Terima kasih K. Em! Nampaknya saya pun dapat hadiah dari Itali (^_^)
    Tahniah cikCloudy dan Farahana… kalian pun dapat hadiah… misteri lagi.

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    nampak tak nafas ibu mengandung? hahahah
    bulan april nanti akan kejar korang sehabis daya , sebab mac kita sibuk sikit harap april tak sibuk sgt jaga jaga jaja, cik awan, syuq ngan lya

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