My flight experience with KLM

A bird perching on rudder.

I had never been on KLM flight and was excited to get on it because KLM has kindly sponsored my trip to Italy to attend Bologna Children’s Book Fair. I requested to get on the 21st March flight but it was full so I had to go on an earlier flight. KLM got me a flight on the 19th but since the book fair will only start on 24th, I requested to board off at Rome and follow fellow illustrator friend, Evelyn, to Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy for an excursion.

The flight was at 11.45pm and my husband dropped me off at the departure terminal and off I went to the check-in machine but it was not working so I went to the counter instead.

Although I can carry my backpack because it weighed less than 12kg, I checked it in because it was heavy for me to carry. Haha, so much for travelling light. I had my book promotion items and that’s the main reason why it was heavy. I didn’t bring much clothings actually. Anyway, only one luggage (maximum 23kg) are permitted to be checked-in. For hand-carry bag, it is up to 12kg.

I only carry my handbag of about 3kg (loaded with laptop, camera and cables). I stuffed my toiletries (liquid and gel) in my backpack because I read on the website earlier that starting January 2014, liquids and gels can only be carried aboard in my hand-baggage if they are placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag which itself may not exceed one litre in capacity.

My check-in was very smooth and I later walked to the boarding area, passing immigration and duty-free areas before boarding on the train to satellite terminal and to the gate.

Prior to leaving, I got myself an aisle seat for KUL-AMS leg because it will make easier for me to get to the lavatory because night flight tends to get my bladder full every time. For AMS-FCO leg, I opted for window seat because I like to view earth from bird’s eye view.

For your information, I registered for KLM Account via Facebook. KLM account is free to register and we can even log in with other social accounts such as Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. Having this account will make it easier for us to purchase tickets without having to insert all our details all over again. We can always view all our bookings/tickets summary the next time we travel as it will all linked into our account. By logging into My Trip through either our account or booking code, we can:
– View and change our travel details
– Choose favourite seat and see who’s on board
– Order à la carte meal, add more baggage and arrange handy services.

Soon as the plane took off, I (along with other passengers) was served a meal; choices of rice and chicken or pasta together with bread, salad and dessert. I opted for rice as I had pasta at home before leaving. The food was delicious! I eat happily without any doubt because prior to leaving, I did some checking about the meal on KLM’s website; whether it is halal for Muslim. According to the website, Muslim meal: does not contain pork, by-products of pork or food containing alcohol. All meats come from ritually slaughtered animals. I double-checked by calling KLM office in Kuala Lumpur and they confirmed that all food outbound and inbound to/fro AMS (Amsterdam) to/fro KUL (Kuala Lumpur) and JKT (Jakarta) route is halal. But that is not the case for AMS-FCO leg, so I requested for vegetarian meal.

Rice and chicken on board.

With a full stomach, I continued to indulge myself with at least a good movie. I selected Diana from the list. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Diana was just released September last year. There were few other new movies but I was too sleepy to watch. By the time I woke up, it was breakfast time! Yes, I slept about 9 hours (Flight was 12 hours; 3 hours for meal and movie) because I did not sleep the night before that due to work overload. I went to the lavatory only once haha. The passenger besides me did not go to toilet at all. Lucky me, I didn’t have to un-buckle my seatbelt or stand or squeeze my legs up.

Breakfast was egg and fried potatoes served with bread, fruits, dessert and coffee/tea. Not long after that, it was time to land in Amsterdam.

I had 3 hours layover before I could board the flight to Rome and I took the time to explore a small part of Schiphol Airport. I will cover this in another post soon, ok?

And then it was time to board the flight to Rome. While waiting to board, there was an announce whether there’s any passenger willing to trade seat with a man on the next flight. The man offered 350 Euro. Whoa! I wish I could trade my seat had I not make any plan to go to Tuscany with Evelyn.

Anyway, I boarded the flight as scheduled.

Yummy breakfast!

I had yummy cheese sandwich snack and coffee while watching great views outside my window. See the sandwich box? I kept it and brought it home because I think the idea is brilliant, not to mention the cute box design! Oh, the bread was super delicious, I could eat a pack just like that without cheese. The fact that the grain was grounded in an authentic Dutch windmill has got something to do with the taste.

I continued to watch the view outside my window before it was time to land at Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (FCO), Rome, Italy.

Weee! Alps Mountains below!

The AMS-FCO flight duration was one hour and 45 minutes and I had a great and safe flight. A steward on the flight converse to me in Malay language and that, made it even more great! I mean, how often can you hear cabin crew speaks Malay other than those outbound/inbound KUL on local airlines?

Getting to Rome: KLM operated 2 time(s) daily from KUL to FCO (Rome).

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      1. Hahahhaha kalau KLM sponsor kak Emi patut bleh mintak lebih sebab review mempengaruhi.. Hahahaha sayang tk tangkap gambar pramugari dia serve..

        1. I think cannot tangkap gambar pramugari coz my friend Mariuca ada tangkap but then they ask nicely to delete the photos. KAt bawah ada komen dia.

                  1. hahaha pendek…tk ramping pastu kat depan perut ada belon keselamatan dah macamana nk jadi pramugari. Dulu pernah travelling alone, superb!! dgn MAS sekali flight delay dapat tido hotel staf MAS giler.

    1. Eh Kat mana tkde subway tuh. Heheh baru- baru ni pun ada isu pasal roti subway kan
      Tp Hari tu makan je sbb dpt free kupon

            1. wuiyooooooooooo pencapaian tu..takpe nnt ramping balik. Buat masa ni naik 8.7 kilo untuk 33 minggu. Heheheh…(^_^)
              nasib baik kita takde personal coach/ trainer macam kak emi. Kalau ada yassin sure dh kena sound hahah

  1. cantiknya Alps.. moga2 dapat peluang tengok dengan mata sendiri suatu hari nanti….
    “… dan mungkin bila nanti……..
    fara, Lya sila sambung lagu ye…

        1. hehehe berbilllion kata jemari dah lenguh hahahaha..jenuh la nk taip komen. Kita doakan Kak Emi dapat banyak tajaan. Phewitt..

  2. YAY! He he he I ada ‘bad memory’ la dgn KLM.. kena ‘tegur’ sebab ambil gambar masa dia tgh buat security demo before take off lol! Yeah lor, jakun mah.. so happily snapping away but then the stewardess came over to me and told me nicely la have to delete the pics.. boleh? Which I did of course… didnt know cannot take pics that time mah… hehehhee.. 🙂

      1. Hahahha yeah lor.. this one the second trip, not last year… i was happy cause baru je the steward offered to take pic of me and Boy at our seats so after that i continued la snapping sampai the stewardess was doing the security demo.. then she actually stopped and came to me and told me cannot take pics.. adooooi hahahhahaha selamba je la cakap sorry then delete LOL!

    1. maybe sebab ambil curi2 kot…. sebab kawan sy sempat bergambar dengan pramugari Air Asia masa flight dah mendarat… heheheee… at the same time dia just nak sampaikan ucapan terima kasih pada pilot sebab penerbangan dan juga pendaratan yang ‘smooth’ 😉

  3. Having said that, staff was friendly of course but food was okay je.. cause 2-h flight je both times so didnt serve main meals, light snacks only. 🙂

      1. Yeah long flights so far MAS usually kalau tak silap.. ke pernah 12-h flight to Amster via KLM.. cant rem edi.. grrrrr really need to update my travel posts before I forget all my dates and info LOL!

    1. No problem! But this template is quite ugly Tried to play around with CSS but very hard coz it uses parent-theme it seems. Till I find a great template that I like, this one will do for now.

  4. My experience so far with KLM is very good.. got upgraded once because of overbooking though.. but all is good.. they can overbook me anytime.. lol!

    1. Oh that is so great! Hope to get overbooked too! My friend Evi who travels to Italy but on different flight got business class because she pengsan. They put her there so that she can lie down. Next time I try to pengsan LOL!

    1. Hehehe dah tak ada header image tu sebab I tukar template. It occupies the first fold of the page so I have to delete it to make way for first blog post to appear.

  5. Farah and Lya, both of you pregnant right? Hazural?(hazural seems inactive this month but if you read this, you can join this discussion too) 🙂

    Do you have any idea, what is calcified? and the effect to baby when they are born?
    I did search on internet but still haven’t got any concrete results. So, if you heard about this or have some info about this, do tell me.

    We can just discuss this issue here, I don’t mind. SHARING IS CARING right??


    1. Jaja: sama ke dengan masalah kekurangan kalsium. sebab nurse/ Dr takde la guna istilah canggih, cuma cakap kalau kekurangan kalsium tu kena minum susu banyak n makan multivitamin la. Tandanya pula mcm gigi goyang berdarah sebab baby sedut banyak kalsium dari ibu untuk pembinaan tulangnya.

      1. farah, lebih kurang macam tu lah tapi kalsium yang baby serap tak dibahagikan dekat bahagian lain…. kalsium tu terkumpul kat bahagian otak dan jadi keras… so, kemungkinan akan ada kesan dekat otak baby…

        btw farah, poskad dah diterima dengan jayanya…. cantik… terima kasih!!!!

  6. Oooo gitu, itu sbb bila scan Dr akn tgok tulang kaki, tulang belakng, semua la saiz baby utk pastikan semuanya normal. Harap semua selamat.takut dengar.

    Alhamdulillah snail mail sampai, berita buruknya dah kemas kemas postcard ngan setem Brunei masih belum dijumpai.

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