Bologna Children’s Book Fair

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair is the most important international event dedicated to the children’s publishing and multimedia industry. I was here in 2010. I wanted to go back this year because previously I didn’t have much chance to really explore the halls and really look at children’s books displayed at the book fair. I also didn’t have the chance to stick my illustrations on the Illustrator Wall because I didn’t know about it until I was there. As I wrote in my previous post, KLM agreed to fly me to Bologna to realise the many dreams that I wanted to do. I am truly thankful to KLM.

illustratorwallMe at Illustrator Wall.

You see, this is the kind of book fair that I quickly feel belonged. There were children’s books everywhere. There were millions of books on display! Just imagine that I was like a child in her playground getting the right toys! And oh, Oliver Jeffers was even there this year! But too bad I didn’t get the chance to meet him. I collect his children’s books.

For your information, Bologna Children’s Book Fair has been around for 53 years. Bologna Children’s Book Fair is an annual event where authors, illustrators, literary agents, licensors and licensees, packagers, distributors, printers, booksellers, and librarians meet. Here they sell and buy copyright, find the very best of children’s publishing and multimedia production, generate and gather new contacts while strengthening professional relationships, discover new business opportunities, discuss and debate the latest sector trends.

I am proud that this year, my books and books that I illustrated were also being displayed at the Malaysia Pavilion.


Here are some photos from the book fair:

Dina, the character from my books was on display alongside with illustrations by Yusof Gajah and Jainal Amambing, two award-winning illustrators from Malaysia.

Malaysia Pavilion
Malaysia Pavilion.

Me holding my book, Dapur Emak Saya, together with (from left) Yusof Gajah, MamaZakian andPuan Sri Diah, from Karangkraf.

Award-winning books.

I am crazy over The Forever Flowers by Michael J. Rosen and Sonja Danowski but it was not for sale. The illustrations only have 2 colors: black and red. Loving the illustrations and color concept. Beautiful book!

Marco Somà, illustrator of La Gallinella Rossa book, the book that I bought and offered as giveaway last March.

Me already thinking of going next year 🙂

Getting to Bologna: KLM operated 2 time(s) daily from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Bologna (BLQ).

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  1. Jaja, saya pun ada kirim K. Em lekatkan lukisan saya kat Illustrator’s Wall. Tapi…bila tengok balik gambar atas tu, dah tak ada pulak. Ada orang kidnap nampaknya… heheheh

    1. Ada je Jaja.. cuma tak berkesempatan nak komen. Lagi lah bila tengok beratus-ratus komen bulan ni hehe.. persaingan sengit.

      Dah pergi pesta buku ke belum?

      Saya dah pergi semalam tau. Gara-gara baca buku Pari-pari Farah tu, saya terbeli lagi beberapa buku koleksi cerpen heheheh

      Masa pergi booth ITBM pun teringat pula kat Farah… (^_^)

    1. betul la.. jom pegi sekali dgn kak Em.. hehe.. tapi tak tau la berapa lama baru dpt kumpul cukup duit utk pegi Bologna 🙁

    1. same with me! they all look so interesting, tempting and simply amazing! 😀 kalau pegi sana, mesti rasa nak borong semua buku ^__^

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