Packing for Italy

I am carrying this backpack for clothing and another one for gadgets (laptop, camera, etc). trying to travel light. I learned my lesson well back in 2010 when I had to carry two big luggages up and down stairs at train stations.


I borrowed this 35L backpack from Lily, a traveller friend. I need to buy one soon.

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  1. selamat pagi geng2 emilanism….

    hehehe.. salam jumaat semua, semoga hari ini berjalan dengan penuh barakah…
    dan kak emi… selamat berkarya di itali… 🙂

  2. Then, the next time me and family went together to egypt to send my sister, i only bought a laptop bag, where i vacuum packed a week of clothes. Was happy with that but need to bring 30kg of my sister supply of foods. Hahaha

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