Giveaways for March top 3

I cannot seem to log in from my laptop (this seem to be the problem everytime I am abroad), so here’s a quick update on top three March commenters giveaways from my phone.

First: A book (in Italian language) titled La Gallinella Rossa with autograph of the illustrator.

One great thing about picture book is that you can read the picture without having to understand the text. Of course, you can translate it online if you are up to it.


2nd: A book titled Il Sussurro Degli Dei. This book has beautiful illustrations of princesses. It is great for your reference/inspiration if you are trying to build a character or style.


3rd: Random collection of bookmarks and postcards from Bologna Bookfair.

I will collect more but these are some of ’em.


So you know what to do. Comment, comment and comment and make sure you are in the top 3. Tally widget is on my sidebar.

See you soon!

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