Gaya Travel 8.5 magazine cover

Here is recent vector icon artwork I did for Gaya Travel magazine for issue 8.5. They gave me a list of places in Malaysia to feature, so I came up with these. Can you name the places or buildings?


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  1. 1. Litar F1 Sepang
    2. Perdana Putra, Putrajaya
    3. Muzium Tentera Darat PD
    4. Muzium N9
    5. Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, Johor
    6. Legoland, Johor
    7. Rumah Panjang

  2. yg sy psti 7 btul2 tau dlm cover ni… Putrajaya, Lita Sepang, Legoland & Rumah Minang!!! the rest… to be honest… sy kna google bru tau jwpn 😀

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