Day 5 – Friday’s prayer at Konstablerwache

October 11, 2013.

It was raining the whole day but since it was Friday, the boys and their dad braved the rain to find a mosque to perform Friday’s prayer. My husband did his homework and found Zakariya Mosque situated at Moroccan Association for Culture and Communication, Albusstraße 18, Konstablerwache, down-town Frankfurt. They took the train from Offenbach OST to reach Konstablerwache station, about 8 stations away.

Zakaria MosqueIt is not really a mosque but big enough to let the nearby Muslim community perform prayers.

Konstablerwache is a central square in the centre of Frankfurt am Main and part of its pedestrian zone. It lies to the east of Hauptwache with both squares linked by the Zeil, the central shopping area of the city.

The name Konstablerwache, (constable watch-house) comes from the period when the building was used as an armoury; the term constable was then used in Frankfurt for a military rank in the artillery. In 1833, it was at the centre of an attempted revolution when revolutionary students attacked and attempted to loot it and the main watch-house (Hauptwache). In contrast to Hauptwache, Konstablerwache was demolished in 1886 and replaced by commercial buildings.


After prayer, the boys were hungry and later went to get halal burger at Palmen Grill, Klingerstraße not far from the community center. Yassin forgot to bring his jacket and his dad had to buy him a new jacket at Rossmannn Drogeriemarkt also on the same street. It is actually a drugstore but they sell quite a lot of stuff including jackets. €15, bolehlah.

And that was it really for Day 5, not much activity. They later went to get me at the Frankfurt Am Main hauptbahnhof and we later went to have dinner at Thai Fun, Elbestraße and later bought ticket to Köln.


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    1. Tak minus dalam 10 degree rasanya. Kalau normal tak hujan, dalam 16 degree. Tapi bila nak masuk malam, makin turun; hingga ke 4 atau 3 degree. Belum sampai minus lagi kecuali musim salji.

  1. that was nice… praying inside the mosque when travelling to this kind of country.
    kind of remember when i was in japan, my friends and i experienced lot of things when searching a place to pray…
    near car park, train station, garden… 😀
    love all the photos.. 😀

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