Day 3, Part 2 – Frankfurt Zoo

So the boys went to the Zoo! Right before that they had lunch at Vira Vira Restaurant, a Turkey fish house at Hanauer Landstraße, Frankfurt.



After lunch, they went straight to the zoo at Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1 , about some 4 kilometer from the fish house. Since they had the super-saving card with them, the entrance fee was at 50% discount which is €5 (normal €10) and children €2.50 (normal €5).


Frankfurt Zoological Garden is a green oasis in the middle of the thriving Main metropolis and it features over 4,500 animals on approximately 13 hectares land. The zoo was founded in 1858 and is the second oldest Zoo in Germany. It lies in the eastern part of the Innenstadt (inner city). Bernhard Grzimek was the director of the zoo after World War II from 1945 until 1974 (thus the name of the road).


One of the attractions of the Frankfurt Zoo, the Europe’s largest home for nocturnal animals, Grzimek building, is also named after the director. In this building, Yassin and Azmi watched nocturnal animals while they go about their routines.


Another area they visited was Cat Jungle, where they saw lions and Sumatran tigers. Animal here are placed behind moats or panes of glass instead of bars.


Later they visited, the Exotarium where they saw species diversity from the North Sea to the Amazon such as penguins, fresh and saltwater fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects live in their natural surroundings.


They also visited Borgori Forest, a completely new type of building for primates. As the name suggests, nature is brought into the building in the form of many trees, bushes, rocks and natural soil, so both people and animals feel as if they are in the jungle.


The zoo features many other animal houses, such as bird halls with a free-flight enclosure.


Yassin also got to play ‘monkey’ at a playground in the area and befriended local kids.


They were almost finishing another quarter of the zoo when it rained. They had to find a shelter from the rain. Since it was around 5pm, they walked in the rain to the nearest train station, Frankfurt (Main) Ostendstraße?, which is about -0.5km from the Zoo. They later met me at the main station and we went for dinner together.




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  1. Best jalan2 di zoo dalam keadaan cuaca yg ‘cool’ 😉 kalau di Malaysia, surrender sebab cuaca yang panas… hahahaha 😀

  2. best nyer..
    seems all the places u visited were lovely or it just because of the camera u used to take the photos.. hehe..
    how bout the language…
    do they speak english all the time or sis can speak germany?.. 😀

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