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Nov 6, 2013

Additional illustrations for Princesses book

As the pages are not enough, publisher decided to add two more stories; Bidasari and Tun Fatimah. Bidasari is a princess but Tun Fatimah is a queen by marriage. So yeah, I followwww. This book along with my two other picture books will be featured at The Borders Book Festival in Penang on 31st November and 1st December 2013. I will update the details. So, if you are in Penang, do drop by and say hi.



  • ayunya, is it tun fatimah is lady with red kebaya?

    • Tun Fatimah yang berbaju hitam.

  • Wow! so beautiful. I like the detail of the clothing very much. =3

    • Thank you, dear Insyirah :)

  • Salam…terbaik :) saya suka

    • Salam. Terima kasih :)

  • puteri bidasari yg mcm dalam citer melayu lama tu? is it the same puteri bidasari by amril shah?

    • Ya, dalam cerita Melayu lama. Saya tak pernah baca buku oleh penulis tersebut. Mungkin puteri yang sama.

    • kenapa saya tak pernah tau pun pasal puteri bidasari ni.. huhu.. tun fatimah biasa la dengar..

  • opss silap…

  • Puteri Melayu klasik yang nampak moden ;)

  • silap apa aima?? x aci arrrr.. hehe… kak em, ada buku tu is available..

  • Mcm best je “A set of lovely notebooks by Sandra Isaksson, bought in Frankfurt.” he he he… ;)

    • Hehe. The designs are so sweet :)

  • Ohhhhh going to Penang it seems, say hello to Penang for me.. u know kan I’ve never been? Hehehehehe…. :)

    • OK, I will. You tak pernah pergi Penang? Hehe tak apa. If you have time go to HRC Hotel.

  • got one question when i saw the photo
    does the crowns wore by both tun fatimah n bidasari differentiate their status?
    princess n queen..
    or u just randomly draw.. :D

  • Bila saya tengok… macam puteri zaman dulu yang ala-ala muslimah (sipi2 laa)… heheheee…. ::D yer laa, puteri dulu2 kan jarang berselendang…. tiara atas selendang.. unik ;)

  • ohsem :)

  • Ayunya…. ini yang buat berkenan sangat nak dpt bukunya :)

  • dua-dua cantik ^_^

  • they are stunning :)

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