To boot or not to boot

I recently got an invitation to co-exhibit with Yusof Gajah Lingard Literary Agency (who also represents me in licencing my artworks) in October 2013 at Frankfurt, so I jumped at the chance and took up a booth! I know its crazy; it’s like an ant trying to march alongside with elephants; but this is a way to licence my artworks. I know the chances of getting deal/s might not be on my side but at least I can promote my work internationally. I am going by the name of this blog:!

Anyway, work aside.  Am hoping to steal some times to visit places that I missed visiting last year, i.e. Goethe House, museums along River Main as well as another half part of Palmengarten. And yes, the zoo!

shoes1Me in Frankfurt last year. 

I took a note last year that I have to get a pair of boot if I go again. This is because I cannot stand the weather. Typical kampung woman like me cannot stand 20°C (high) to 10° (low) last year and my foot and ankle got numb from walking in the weather. I actually went looking for boots recently but could not find anything suitable for me as I have very wide feet. I cannot wear hard pointy sturdy original leather shoes or boots as it kills me and I can only wear those from soft materials like above picture. And guess what? I found the type that I want at Zalora Malaysia! I never thought that they have it until I went surfing the website. Look at these very comfortable boots from Celcius at Zalora Malaysia:


Nice, right? All are made from faux leather except for the light brown which is made from PU leather. Faux leather is a fabric that looks like leather, but is actually made out of other materials. It’s commonly used to make a wide range of products, including garments and shoes while PU leather is made by coating a fabric like cotton or polyester with a flexible polymer and then treating it to look more like animal hide. PU is breathable and I most likely to choose the light brown but I guess faux leather is good too.

So which one of these boots do you think is the best? I don’t know which color to choose.  I like black but the brown one seems nice also. How about the pretty pink one? You know I don’t really go for pink but that pink is quite nice and not too striking.


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  1. Salam kak emi, i like the top two pairs.. how much is it? here in kuantan i saw teenagers wearing boots at malls.. hehe what were they thinking? sejuk sgt kot aircond 🙂

  2. Saya suka yang pertama sebab sangat kemas. Tapi kalau warna, saya suka light brown. Seronoknya pergi Frankfurt lagi! Kali ni pergi mesti penuh dengan persediaan sebab dah ada pengalaman pergi hari tu. Bulan 10 dah tak lama dah! Booth K.Em nanti biar meriah ya!!!! Boleh tak nak buat lukisan/ poskad untuk lekatkan di sana? 😀

    1. Hopefully meriah, Syuq. Tengah mengejar masa nak siapkan lukisan. Kali ni Kak Em pergi dengan keluarga. Tiket kontra dengan MAS hari tu Alhamdulillah dapat bawa keuarga.

  3. Nice to know that you can bring your family this time. Yeay!
    I have been wearing walking shoes and socks. Feet gets colder easily nowadays. Age is definitely catching up with me! Have a wonderful time at Frankfurt. Write about the Goethe Museum. Want to know more about literary places in Germany.

    1. Thanks, Nisah! I am using up all the contra tickets to bring them. It’s a rare opportunity and this is the time to bring them. I will write about the museum and will look for literary places in Frankfurt for you.

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