Fit in more, hand baggage now 7kg


Last February, Malaysia Airlines increased its checked baggage allowance by 10kg. Now, the weight limit for hand baggage is also up, from 5kg to 7kg. You are allowed to carry on board one piece of hand baggage for Economy Class, and two pieces for First and Business Class. Please take note that the size of each piece should not exceed 56cm x 36cm x 23cm.

In addition to the 7kg hand baggage, you may also bring either one of the following items:
• notebook/laptop briefcase
• camera bag
• binoculars bag

You are also allowed one small handbag and walking stick.

If you are travelling with an infant below 24 months old, you are allowed an additional:
• bag containing baby food and nappies, weighing not more than 5kg
• carry-cot

Source credit: Malaysia Airlines (with permission)

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  1. Salam Emila…baru-baru ini saya balik beraya di Kuching dan pulang ke sana menaiki penerbangan Malindo. memang puas hati dengan perkhidmatan Malindo. Pulang ke Kuala Lumpur pula menaiki MAS, juga diberikan perkhidmatan yang memuaskan hati. Moga kedua-dua syarikat penerbangan ini meneruskan khidmat yang bagus ini.

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