Cover design for GTN 8.3

I drawn two sets of my Brown Girl series in watercolor and pen only to find that I hate them; all 24 of them!

I’d figured that I am not in the right mood to do anything watercolor so thought I suggested a vector work to Gaya Travel team. The theme is about travelling to Perak and Melaka, so I drew interesting iconic places/items in both cities, i.e. in Melaka, the Stadthuys, A Famosa, Melaka house and trishaw whereas for Perak, the Taiping train station, old locomotive, Lake Taiping, Kellie’s Castle and Menara Condong Teluk Intan.

This is something different than my ordinary style but I hope they like it as much as I do. Sometime other style works perfectly when the other is not.

All icons are drawn from scratch based on photos but the Melaka house was something that I created few years back that I think is worth recycling.



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  1. Wo…woo…. Ayat pertama tu. Tak suka semua sekali??? Hmmm kena sorok dulu semua lukisan tu. Selepas beberapa lama, mood dah ok, baru lihat balik. Haaaa baru nampak balik betapa cantiknya Brown Girls yang K.Em hasilkan.

  2. kak emi, this magazine kan.. ada jual kat kedai ke? mcm tak pernah nampak je ada kat kedai, n looking at the price of the mag, bleh tahan gak harga nya, but berbaloi la sebab kualiti kertas dia dan isi n gamba sume best2

  3. saya pun stiap kali ke kedai buku, ada juga intai2 magazine ni.. kot2 trjumpa kluaran yg lpas2 yg ada karya k.emi, tp x jumpa….

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