7 Interesting Buildings in Abu Dhabi

I had my camera with me all the time when I was in Abu Dhabi and captured as many building pictures as I could. Here are 7 interesting buildings in Abu Dhabi according to me:

1. Capital Gate

Capital GateI saw this building everyday from across where I was at—the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. It stands at 160 m tall with 35 floors and features an 18-degree incline to the west. Dubbed as Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi, it is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records certified Capital Gate as the “World’s furthest leaning man-made tower. It was designed by RMJM. (Source: Wiki)

2. Etihad Towers

Etihad Towers

Etihad Towers comprise of five towers that sparkle iridescently in the  never-ending sunshine. Tower 1: 69 floors, 277 meters, Tower 2: 80 floors, 305 meters, Tower 3: 60 floors, 260 meters, Tower 4: 66 floors, 234 meters and Tower 5: 61 floors, 218 meters. These fine buildings were designed, inside and out, to give guests who live, work, shop, dine and stay the most memorable and enriching of experiences.  It was designed by Australian architecture firm, DBI Design. (Source: Etihad Towers.)

3. Adia Towers

ADIA Towers

ADIA (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) Tower features an innovative double-glazed facade, curtained with automatic blinds and air-conditioning inside the two glass panels which is controlled by the direction of the sun and the heat on the inside and outside of the windows. It stands tall at 185 m with 40 floors. It was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. (Source: Wiki and Emporis.)

4. Al-Bahr Twin Towers


Al-Bahr is very interesting in terms of its unique design. You see the outer layers of the twin towers? It is called Masharabiya, a traditional Arabic shading lattice-work. I am most amazed by how Masharabiya system works; it simulates in response to sun exposure and changing incidence angles during the different days of the year. At night they will all fold and close. On my picture above, you can see that some of the lattice are open and some are close, this is because of the solar rays. Both towers stand at 145m tall each and have 25-storey twin office towers. It was designed by Aedas Architect Ltd.  (Source: Aedas.)

5. The Landmark


The Landmark is a residential and office tower that evokes the use of screens in vernacular Arabic architecture. The plan of the building also has a cultural precedent. Its geometry is based on the dodecagon, the 12-sided figure frequently used in Islamic art. Standing tall at 324m tall with 72 floors, the tower was conceived as a series of layered screens, unfolding like the petals of a flower to reveal a crystalline pillar. It was designed by Pelli Clark Pelli Architects. (Source: Pelli Clark Pelli.)

 6. Nation Towers


Nation Towers comprise of two towers that feature world class facilities including luxury high-rise apartments, deluxe office space, a boutique style mall, a beach club and a 5 star hotel. One building stands tall at 268m (65 floors) while the other,212m (52 floors). Both buildings are connected with a skybridge at a height of 202,5m which connects floors 50 and 54. The skybridge is the highest in the world and 30m higher than the skybridge of the Petronas Tower in Malaysia. It was designed by  WMZH Architecture. (Source: Wiki and Khaleej Times)

7. World Trade Center Residences


Due to its completion in 2014, The Residences is already well known for its distinctive sloped or “sliced” roof that is visible throughout much of the city. It stands at 382m tall with 88 floors of apartments. It was designed by Foster and Partners. (Source: WTCAD.)



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