Art & Places: Sarawakians, Sarawak


Named Sarawakians, the sculpture portrays unity in Sarawak. It has a body and many heads. A body depicting Sarawak and many heads depicting the many diversity of Sarawak people and cultures.

This granite sculpture was sculpted by Robert Yong, an architect, in May 2003 and is located at the main entrance of Sarawak Cultural Village, Santubong, Sarawak.

I wanted to contact Mr Robert Yong to ask about the creative process but could not find his contact details. If you know him, please do let me know.


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Absolute Tribal in Kuching

This restaurant really had me at ‘Hello’.

Absolute TribalAbsolute Tribal entrance.

I thought to myself, “the interior must be as beautiful as the entrance.” My expectation was true. I fell in love straight away.

Absolute Tribal interiorInterior of the restaurant.

Absolute Tribal is a restaurant with a contemporary fine-dining ambiance serving Asian fusion food; mostly local authentic cuisine with a delightful presence of Thai’s unique selection.

Set in a historic building built during the Brooke Era about 120 years ago, Absolute Tribal is part of Sarakraf Pavilion. The historical attachment of the establishment will make you feel as if you have travel back in time and take a refuge to a spiritually enchanting holiday.

Here are some of the food that we had during the lunch. The lunch was on Sarawak Tourism Board and Malindo Air. This was part of the Familiarisation Media Trip last April.

at3Left row from top: Sarawak Tribal Salad, Pansoh Chicken, Umai Sarawak. Right row from top: Sarawak Pineapple Fried Rice, Terong Dayak with Fish Curry and Mee Kolok Fusion Style.

Yes, I love everything that I ate. The food live up to the beautiful ambience. I definitely recommend this restaurant to you. You will love it too.

Other than fine dining, Sarakfraf Pavilion features gift shops with local arts and crafts that could not be seen elsewhere.

craftIf you are visiting Kuching, Sarawak, do look for Absolute Tribal. The restaurant sign is not really visible from the main road, so be on the look out for Sarakraf Pavilion sign near a white brick gate. It opens from Monday to Sunday from 07:30 – 22:00. Address: 78 Jalan Tabuan, 93100, Kuching 93200, Malaysia.






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