Hong Kong: Excursion to the City Part Two

After boarding off the ferry, we crossed the street and took a taxi in front of the hotel. Haniff asked the hotel lobby attendant if it is okay for us to take a taxi there. He said ok and called a taxi for us. A woman taxi driver pulled over and the attendant told her to take us. The lady seemed angry but nonetheless, drove on. Haniff explained that although Hong Kong’s economy is booming, there are still over a million of people live in poverty. Housing prices and food are becoming more and more expensive and they can barely make ends meet and that is why some of them always look angry.

When we arrived at our destination, all of us said thank you to the lady. She seemed OK a bit (not angry) but still not smiling. So yeah, we were happy about it.

Eh, did I mentioned where we were going just now? No? Hehe. Ok, Destination; Johnston Road. Wan Chai! We went for shopping!

Well actually, for those who know Hong Kong, the jetty is actually located in Wan Chai; Wan Chai North. ;P

Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island.

Wan Chai is a metropolitan area situated at the western part of the Wan Chai District on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island. Wan Chai is one of the busiest commercial areas in Hong Kong with many small and medium-sized companies. Wan Chai North features office towers, parks, hotels and an international conference and exhibition centre. As one of the first areas developed in Hong Kong, the area is densely populated.

Yassin and me in Wan Chai
One for the album; Yassin and me posing amidst the busy city.

So we went shopping at Johnston Road; one of the major streets in the area that is famous for shopping that offers some of the best value in Hong Kong.

Johnston Road was named after Alexander Robert Johnston, the British Deputy Superintendent of Trade during the First Opium War. The road is built on the margin of the oldest building cluster in Wan Chai. Many Hong Kong residents are trying to preserve the old buildings and trees from redevelopment. The century old transport Hong Kong Tramways goes through the road with its first service opening in 1904.

Johnston Road
I stucked here for hours; buying bags, magnets and many more. It has everything that I want to buy, seriously!

Yassin got a pressie from Uncle Kanep from the toys shop. 

Another shot at Johnston Road before we leave. That was our catch of the day, more in my backpack.

After shopping, we said goodbye to Haniff as he had to attend a dinner with his wife.

“Where to go next, Rayyan?” I asked Rayyan. “How about we take the tram and go to the Central side?” I agreed and off we went!

Rayyan and Sara happy to board the tram!

Yassin and me in the tram.

The tram system is one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong dated back in 1904.  Since then, trams have been running from East to West of Hong Kong Island. Over the last century, Hong Kong Tramways witnessed the development of Hong Kong, and the tram remains an efficient and the most economical mode of public transport in Hong Kong. Today, Hong Kong Tramways carries a daily average of 230,000 passengers. It is the world’s largest fleet of double-deck tramcars still in service.

So, we reached Central and saw these!


And more skycrapers!


And more photos! 

Central is a big area with lot of shopping malls around. Most of the items are too expensive. There are so many shops;  from brand names to no name brands. We did not buy anything here except for fish burger and Coca-cola because we were famished. We actually went to Central simply to set foot there and tell people, “Hey, we’ve been there.”

While walking to find the MTR station to go back to Lantau Island, Rayyan said, “Kak Em, did you noticed how friendly the people in this area? Take example the man who asked us just know where we we from..” “Ha-a…yup”, I said. We both went into silence and I believe we have the same thought that financially secured people living in the big central business district tend to be happier, not angry. Hence politer.



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    1. It is! I am so happy to be able to visit Hong Kong. I was sponsored to visit Disneyland as a blogger and took the chance to visit the city.

  1. banyaknya bas double-decker! macam2 warna pulak tu.. 🙂 suka juga tgk neon signboards.. rasanya Hong Kong mmg byk signboard besar2..

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