Big painting done!

In my whole life; I had done only 3 big paintings; Penang Shophouse (Still on sale), Girl in the Garden (donated to SDH) and this new Girl and Cat in Flower Garden!

Me painting away


This painting is commissioned by Kota Buku as a gift to a VVIP who will pay a visit to Malaysia’s Pavilion at AFCC this coming 25th-30th May 2013. Who is the VVIP? Will post a photo from Singapore soon!

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  1. …saya juga sedang (sudah sekian lama) mahu bina studio merangkap bilik untuk segalanya di rumah…mungkin di lain entri Emila boleh kongsi pula idea, tips dan apa yang ada di studio Emila 🙂

  2. huhuhuuuuu…. nak nanges tgok smua karya2 kak emila niiiii….. jatuh cinta pandang pertama… hihihiii, sejuk mata memandang 😀

  3. ada juga rupanya karya kak Em yang sebesar ini.. ingatkan saiz paling besar A3 je..
    that must take a lot of time to finish.. >.<

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