Hong Kong Disneyland: A Dream Comes True

“Mother, do you think Disneyland would look like this?” asked my son, Yassin, one day while taking a view of Kuala Lumpur city one night back in 2009. “Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty castle with fireworks, dear,” I replied.


He was dreaming of visiting the magical kingdom of Disneyland and the only thing I could say was that I’ll bring him to Disneyland one fine day when I have saved enough money to take him.

Only after 4 years the dream came true; we visited Hong Kong Disneyland last month (14 – 16 March 2013). He was overwhelmed and excited. A week prior to our departure to Hong Kong, he would make a little ‘Yay’ scream few times a day. I can understand his feeling of excitement; it was too hard to hide.

The initial plan was to go together with his dad as family but as my husband could not take leave from work, so it was just the two of us.

The day came and as my husband was not around, I asked my BFF, Helmy, if he could help drive me to the airport at 3am. The flight was at 6.30am. I always like to be early for international departure. I can either have coffee or read books or sketch while waiting at the gate.

After a flight of about 4 hours, we touched down in Hong Kong International Airport. We took Airport Express train to Tsing Yi (turquoise line), later changed train at Sunny Bay (orange line) and then took another train to Disneyland (pink line). Alternatively, there’s other transportation like taxi and bus but we prefer the train. The train here is called MTR and it is regarded as one of the world’s leading railways.

After about half an hour, we reached Disneyland Station. We were very excited!!

 Disney Station

 Later we took a shuttle bus provided near the train station and checked in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.




We love the room!! I talk about this hotel later in other post but here is a picture of the room for you to look at.


Yassin was already screaming hungry, so we went for lunch at Crystal Lotus, situated at Disneyland Hotel (not far from this one) as the reservation has been made earlier. We went there on the shuttle bus provided by the hotel.

Crystal Lotus is grand! And we bumped into a Malaysian family there! In fact we bumped into few others at the hotel earlier; one from Penang and the other from KL.


The restaurant has won the Best of the Best Culinary Awards 2009 – Gold with Distinction Medal from Dim-Sum Category, so we don’t want to miss to experience the chef’s award winning culinary skills. We requested for fish and vegetables and here is all the great-tasting food for you to drool upon. Hehe.

Steamed Vegetables Dumpling, Vegetable Spring Roll and Swan Vegetarian Taro Puff.

Yassin eating vegetable spring roll.

Clockwise from top: Pumpkin Soup, Sautéed Grouper Fillet with Asparagus, Braised Mock Abalone with Bean Curd and Fried Rice with Preserved Vegetables.

We had a great Mickey Mango Pudding and Duffy Steamed Red Bean Bun as dessert.

Last but not least, Jasmine tea to wrap our lunch.

The lunch was great! We were all fuelled up and ready to rumble. Next, Disneyland Theme Parks.

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  1. Salam…pasti seronok dapat meluaskan pandangan dan fikiran pabila melancong di negara orang. foto-foto yang menarik 🙂

  2. I did stayed in Hollywood Hotel too last year but didn’t get the chance to visit Crystal Lotus Restaurant. Perhaps my next visit just to see “Duffy Steamed Red Bean Bun”. Hehehe

  3. Itu yang jadikan pengembaraan lebih bermakna kan ! Sampai di sana, memang sangat seronok. Tapi bila dapat merealisasikan impian anak…. tak terucap perasaan bila tengok dia gembira….

  4. I have never thought of Disneyland Hong Kong… all the while the one in the US. One fine day I will 🙂 *dreaming mode*

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