Apr 23, 2013

Hello from Abu Dhabi!

I am today at Abu Dhabi, UAE to attend the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF). Reached here last night at 11.45pm. Waited for the driver but after about 45 minutes of waiting, I decided to take a cab. Got a woman taxi driver, Mekessem, to drive me to the hotel. Very friendly. Cost me AED46. ;P

Anyway, am going to ADNEC to set up my booth. Will update more soon. Here’s some pictures I captured.

My room
My room for 10 days.

The toilet
The toilet!

View from my window.

Breakfast this morning.


  • wahhh..bestnye sis dpt gi abu dhabi..smoga sumenye brjalan lancar ye..

    • Hopefully.

  • Nice hotel!

  • The toilet looks nice.

    • Toilet is quite big.

  • What is UAE, AED and ADNEC?

    • UAE is United Arab Emirates, AED is the currency Arab Emirates Dirham and ADNEC is Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre.

      • Oh, ok! Thanks!

  • Salam Emila…moga kerja di Abu Dhabi sukses & selamat berlibur di sana :)

    • Salam UH. Terima kasih di atas doa yang diiringkan.

  • nampak futuristik hotel nye

    • Yup, sungguh moden.

  • Hi Emila in Abu Dhabi!! Wah 10 days?? I is jelly… LOL!

    • HI Nessa in Subang! Yuo, 10 days. but have to be at the fair from 24th untul 29th. I only have free time on the 30th and the next day morning. Departing to KL at 2.30pm, 1 May.

  • Been to Abu Dhabi but for transit only. Hahaha.. Would love to visit this wonderful place someday. What a lovely hotel you are staying. Jealous lah with you, Emilia

    • Hehehe, step foot also counts. The hotel is nice!! Love it!

  • The room is spacious. What’s the name of the hotel you staying by the way?

    • Aloft Hotel. It is connected to the exhibition center.

  • Tandasnya nampak unik n menarik…

  • Wow, mesti banyak nak cerita nanti kan ;) Nanti K.Em ada peluang melawat booth orang lain tak?

    • Ada kesemaptan nanti saya jalan sikit-sikit.

  • chop

  • Wow ul be there for 10 days Emila? Lama tu!

    • Yup. Tu la. 6 days duduk kat booth je! Cannot go anywhere. But on 30th will have all day to explore the city.

  • Enjoy the hotel stay, every day ada maid clean up after u, best! Make a mess then come home to a nice clean hotel room LOL! :)

    • Hahaha tu la!

  • Have a good book fair and make us proud, hugs! :)

    • Thanks dear, I will!

  • best tak book fair kat sana?

  • The interior decoration is too good.

  • Have a wonderful time there – it is a fine looking hotel. Hope that ADIBF is a rewarding experience. I shall miss seeing you in Abu Dhabi by about a week – perhaps next year…

  • K.Em, hari ni dah berlangsung pesta buku antarabangsa. Kali ini ada pameran buku-buku dari Arab Saudi… teringat pula K.Em yang jauh berada di Abu Dhabi (^_^) Tadi saya pergi perasmian buku kanak-kanak DBP di sana.

  • are you still in Abu Dhabi?

  • The room is very nice! Very chic and modern.

  • where is that? hehe.. name so new to me

  • Ah… nice bathroom saw your fingers :D V

  • Wah Ems.. so nice the room… so romantic with blue blue light lagi.. i love the view.. and OMG so huge the toilet.. and i see your finger.. lol!

  • that is a lot of comments!

  • I see to fingers at the mirror. Is that you?

    • Yes, that is my fingers making the peace sign!

      • Hehe!

  • the view from your window was flabbergast. :D

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