Hello from Abu Dhabi!

I am today at Abu Dhabi, UAE to attend the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF). Reached here last night at 11.45pm. Waited for the driver but after about 45 minutes of waiting, I decided to take a cab. Got a woman taxi driver, Mekessem, to drive me to the hotel. Very friendly. Cost me AED46. ;P

Anyway, am going to ADNEC to set up my booth. Will update more soon. Here’s some pictures I captured.

My room
My room for 10 days.

The toilet
The toilet!

View from my window.

Breakfast this morning.

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    1. HI Nessa in Subang! Yuo, 10 days. but have to be at the fair from 24th untul 29th. I only have free time on the 30th and the next day morning. Departing to KL at 2.30pm, 1 May.

  1. Have a wonderful time there – it is a fine looking hotel. Hope that ADIBF is a rewarding experience. I shall miss seeing you in Abu Dhabi by about a week – perhaps next year…

  2. K.Em, hari ni dah berlangsung pesta buku antarabangsa. Kali ini ada pameran buku-buku dari Arab Saudi… teringat pula K.Em yang jauh berada di Abu Dhabi (^_^) Tadi saya pergi perasmian buku kanak-kanak DBP di sana.

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