Mar 25, 2013

WiP: Princess book

I am now in the process of adding background to all eight princesses and making the book layout. Here is a screen-capture of what I am currently doing now. I am way behind my deadline and hope to finish this by tonight so that I can carry on with preparing merchandise items to bring to Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF). This book will also follow me to ADIBF.

Hang Li Po on layout progress


  • Suka! Suka! Suka!

    Saya mesti akan milikinya nanti!

  • ermm..bestnya dapat lukis comel2 camtu.saya tengah prektis..hehehe

  • Salam Emila…semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan penghasilan buku ini :)

  • Very pretty, only made by you

  • cool. what software is that? AI or photoshop?

  • Haii.. bilalah K.Em nak update cerita lagi….
    Mesti sibuk sangat kan :D

  • I love your Princess Book Emila! I think this is def one of my fave work from you.. so pretty! :)

  • Puteri Hang Li Po.. then the Puteri ulik mayang, what other princesses are in this book??

  • Good choice with this book for the AD fair.. very interesting! :)

  • sweet…gud luck

  • Its headache with wordpress codes.. Php not familiar

  • Good luck with the book! :3

  • Comellah puteri ni… :)

  • puteri hang li po, kan? cantik :)

  • sopannya si puteri Hang Li Po ni duduk.. mcm gadis melayu pulak :)

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