Autoshow @ Putrajaya

The only time I saw fancy colorful cars was when I watched The Cars movie. Remember when the truck was sleepy and McQueen was sleeping safe and sound inside, there was a group of cars with loud music and fire coming out from the exhaust?

Well, I saw real ones today. My family and I was attending a wedding at Perbadanan Putrajaya hall when we saw an autoshow at Precint 3 Boulevard. We stopped by as my son wants to see the carsΒ up-close. He was very excited!

Here are some of the pictures I captured during the autoshow.

Yassin and his dad with their favourite Bumblebee.

Whoaaa… fire-spitting exhaust!

Hellooooo Kitty!

This shows how the owner loves Hello Kitty so much.


Chun Li.

Β More on my Instagram or sidebar mini gallery later!


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          1. owner kereta hello kitty dalam gambar yg u amik ni lelaki..dia punya sendiri…dia mmg minat hello kitty…kawan ai tu…kalao u nak tau …lagi ramai peminat hello kitty lelaki kat malaysia nih kalao dalam bab mod kereta la.. πŸ™‚

              1. yup nama owner kancil hello kitty di atas ialah ezzad hehehehe….tak ramai pemain otoshow hello kitty perempuan maybe dalam 4-5 org je termasuk saya…yg lain semua lelaki

    1. haha.. Syuq, betul la.. tu yg saya pun tak suka letak brg byk dlm kereta walaupun tak ada anak lagi.. mcm buat semak je..

  1. Once I berangan to modify a kancil into a hello kitty themed car..and now reading the comments that said the owner is a guy..wahh.. Jiwa pink rupanya πŸ™‚

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