Art & Places: Whale and Dolphins Sculpture, KLCC Park

This Whale and Dolphins have always been intriguing to me. My son loves them and I bet other kids love them too!

whale01My son (right) and his cousin Idham admiring Whale and Dolphins.

Whale up-close.


Whale and Dolphins were created by Australian sculptor, John Underwood in 1997. This multi-layered sculpture consists of a 6 meter high whale and two 2.5 metre dolphins. The concept reminds me of three dimensional topography charts.

One might be wondering why whale and dolphins? As a mother to a kid whose fascination with these animals is humongous, I think I know why Underwood built these animals here. Whale and dolphin can only be found in certain part of the world but certainly not in Malaysia. He is bringing these animals to the local kids in the form of art. This is to let kids appreciate both the animal and art. This sculpture will spark questions of where the animals came from, the taxonomy, the ecology, the evolution, anything there is to know about them. It is our duty to educate our kids about these animals and maybe someday we can take our kids to see the real ones around the world.

Bring your kids here to enjoy the shallow swimming pool while admiring great public art. Location: KLCC Park near Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur. View map.


Some reference are from: Arcawam


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    1. I think this is because it was sub-contracted by the main contractor. But I think that is great, Malaysia will have a collection of public arts from local and international scupltors.

        1. I guess. But worry not, I will be hunting more public arts soon and my next sculptor will be Abdul Multhalib, our own local sculptor. Currently looking at his portfolio and where to hunt his work.

  1. Guna keratan rentas kan.. menarik dan kreatif… Bayangkan sebiji epal di dipotong ikut keratan rentas. Lapisan yang terhasil berselang seli dibuang…kemudian cantum kembali lapisan yang tinggal.. haaa mesti dapat bentuk yang unik macam sculpture ni… 😉

      1. weekend mmg ramai sangat budak2. tu yg jadi malas nak pegi sana dan sampai tak terperasan ada whale dan dolphin kat situ. dpt tau pun dari gambar kat poskad je..

    1. I’ve never learn about sculpture in school. So, consider yourself lucky to be able to learn even for a short while 😉

  2. I like your interpretation of the sculpture, Kak Emi.

    “He is bringing these animals to the local kids in the form of art. This is to let kids appreciate both the animal and art”

    By the way, those 2 kids are so cute standing and appreciating the sculptures.

  3. I am imagining what kind of expression that the kids had in their faces.. mesti mcm awestruck je at how huge the whale is 😉

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