GayaTravel 8.1 Cover and Em’s Diary

I’m back in KL! 3 days trip to Hong Kong is so short. Hope to visit again someday.

Got a copy of GayaTravel magazine in my hands. Yay, happy to see my illustration on the cover as well my own column: Em’s Travel Diary.

But please do take note that as the magazine didn’t use any of my vectors, I feel that the statement “…so I said yes; not to just this diary and the cover but also the many vector arts you see in this magazine”  in Em’s Travel Diary (page 110-111; line 21) is totally obsolete. It should be read as “…so I said yes; not to just this diary but also the cover”.

Nonetheless, I am happy to see the cover and my Em’s Travel Diary spread column. Now working on next diary entry for Issue 8.2. Thanks GayaTravel team!

I have 5 copies to give away to first 5 commenters who completed this sentence, ” I want GayaTravel magazine because….”



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