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Feb 10, 2013

Vote for me for MITBCA Tourism Lifestyle Blog 2013

I am nominated for the category again this year by someone anonymous. Thank you so much to whoever that is! Truly appreciate the faith to see my blog be one of the nominees for this category. I won this award last year and if you think that I should be in the reign, do vote for me.

How to vote?
1. Go to MITBCA website
2. Login with Facebook
3. Look for Tourism Lifestyle Blog category
4. Look for
5. Click vote button and button will turn to red.

That’s it. So easy. Thank you in advance for your votes!



About MITBCA | Since the debut of the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards in 2012 which rewarded some of the world’s most accomplished Travel-Social Media Bloggers, MITBCA 2013 is set to spin this year’s event with a more exciting approach, leaving others to admire and emulate upon.


Malaysia has set its pace to be on the forefront of reach into social media. Undeniably, there is a definitive difference between monitoring our brand in social media and using traditional methodologies in reaching out to build on tourism numbers. Travel is certainly a very hot topic across all social media channels and is one of the top three online topics of discussion and engagement. It surely encourages new network build up, new clientele bases and new innovative ideas being put across.

Such rapid movement of social media in travel and leisure industry was the basis of the conceptualization of the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards 2013 (MITBCA2013), organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. The Awards aim to encourage and honour the tourism bloggers across the globe for extensively promoting Tourism in Malaysia. After the nominations, voting and campaigning processes, the finale would be in Kuala Lumpur on 5th – 6th March 2013 and the nation will honour the best of the best in social media tourism.

Awards | The Tourism Bloggers Awards are designed for Individuals, Travel & Tourism companies and Organizations related to tourism to highlight their achievement in the social media space with respect to tourism. International blogger nominees should be travel bloggers who blog about tourism, tourist spots and also share Malaysia in some way or the other.

Categories are:

1. Malaysia International Tourism Fashion Blog

2. Malaysia International Tourism Entertainment Blog

3. Malaysia International Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Blog

4. Malaysia International Tourism Lifestyle Blog

5. Malaysia International Tourism Photography / Art Blog

6. Malaysia International Tourism Micro Blogger of the Year

7. Malaysia International Tourism Travel Blog

8. Malaysia International Tourism Blog of the Year

9. Malaysia International Expat MM2H Blog

10. Malaysia International Eco Tourism Blog

11. Malaysia International Tourism Shopping Blog

12. Malaysia International Homestay Blog

13. Malaysia International Tourism Destination Blog

14. Malaysia International Social Media Tourism Blog of the year

15. Malaysia International Tourism Vlog of the Year

16. Malaysia International Tourism Cultural Blog

17. Malaysia International Tourism Healtcare Blog


  • why must it be facebook? I want to vote too. =T Or maybe I don’t have to vote

    • You can vote using the register button; that one uses e-mail confirmation :) Now you can vote for Auntie Emila, yay!

      • I’m not sure… maybe not.

        • Ok, your choice, dear.

  • Voted! All the best, Emila! :)

    • Thank you, Nessa! Hugs!

  • Voted!

    • Thanks dear!

      • welcome

  • Ok voted dearie.. good luck and you are leading!! yahoo..

    • Thanks, dear! Yippee!

  • Salam Emila sudah. semoga berjaya :)

    • Salam, UH. Terima kasih :)

  • Voted for u :)

    • Thank you, Dan!! I voted for you too.

  • Mesti lah saya undi (^_^) … dah 312, jauh di hadapan. Semoga terus kekal di depan dan menang.

    • Terima kasih, Syuq. Hugs!

  • voted #369

    • good luck and all the best kak emi!

    • Thank you, dear! *hugs*

  • Too bad can only vote once ah Ems.. good luck ya!! hugs!

    • Thanks dear! Yes, once only unless you have many FB accounts heheh. HUgs!

  • i for vote you forever. do let me know if there’s any votings in the meantime ;)

  • *i will vote you forever.* aduh typo lagi -_-

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