Feb 21, 2013

My Mother’s Kitchen soon by end of March

95% done. I just need to add some photos and it will be ready to publish. “My Mother’s Kitchen” is an ideal book for reading aloud and for playing ‘I spy’ in the kitchen as children learns to recognise things in the book.



  • Woo hoo, 95% done, 5 more to go! :)

    • Wohoo! Done that 5%!! Now have to wait for publisher to see the pagination.

      • Teringin nak ada buku ditulis akak. Selalu kat mana jual kak?

  • Congrats on the new book dear, love the cover! :)

    • Thank you, dear!

  • Bagus tu K.Em. Semalam saya dah mula baca buku My Mother’s Garden dengan anak2 (setelah buku cerita sebelumnya dah habis dibaca( …. Banyak betul soalan yang ditanya, tapi seronok lah…mereka suka mengira rama-rama dll.

    • Oh, sukanya Kak Em! Thank you Syuq dan anak-anak!

  • Yay, another book to add to the collection. :)

  • Salam…tahniah Emila :)

    • Salam UH, terima kasih :)

  • aduhai, lawanya..

  • macam mana nak pandai drawing dan coloring macam akak.

  • akak just scan lukisan akak, atau akak ada edit secara digital lagi?

  • tutorial boleh tak? hehehe. :)

  • YaY! another book! ^w^

  • aduhhh sy sendiri boleh bau masakan tu..hehehe comel la n unik..suka2

  • bila akan diterbitkan kaka???

  • gud luck ye kak..

  • you’re so talented kak emila, jealous ok! :)

  • yg ni nama apa kak emi?

    • mksd sy little girl tu nama apa hihi. sy baru kenal Dina je :D

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