Feb 3, 2013

February 2013 Top 2 giveaways

I have 2 giveaways for February sponsored by Adzah from Let’s Be Beautiful Together and Nurul Ili, my long-time blog friend. Ili has been a great support online as well as a good friend offline.

The first one will receive a set of Shaklee travel supplement (comprising of Vita-Lea and Nutriferon worth RM250) from Adzah. Vita-Lea with iron is a high potency formulation that provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels for optimal health while NutriFeron boosts the body’s own immune protection.


The second one will receive, a set of Grandluxe notebooks and Sharpie color markers (worth RM100) from Ili.

from ili

Enticing? All you need to do is comment away (on any posts of this blog) till February 28, 11.59pm. Your comments score is visible on my small sidebar on the right.



  • Mulai hari ini saya akan komen dengan rajin ! Hehehe

    • Hehehe, ok Adam! Seronok tengok Adam datang melawat dan komen.

    • saya pun rajin komen dah ni. hehehe.

  • Saya sangat suka dengan blog ini serta Sharpies yang ensem2 tu. XOXO

    • Sharpie is a good marker :)

      • saya nak sketch book tu… huuu.

  • wow awesome giveaway :D

    • Thanks to the sponsors :)

      • yes thanks to sponsors :D and you for holding in blog ;D

  • so good sponsors :D

    • best plak hadiah kali ni… hurm

  • is it mean the first commentator gets the first prize?

    • The first top one will get the first prize.

  • banyaknya pilihan warna. suka sangat!

  • owhhh lama nyer tak jenguk sini.. kesibukan melanda… teruja sgt dgn hadiah utk feb ni.. nakk nakk… hehe

    • wlaupun the 1st one worth more, tp tetap nk yg 2nd.. :)

      • betul!

  • ohsem! will join this giveaway! :)

  • Ouh! Untuk giveaway ke? I help Ili to fold the box the other day untuk those Sharpies and notebooks. It really is an awesome gift!!

    • ayuh!

  • Jika sudi, klik lak like kat fanpage saya ya fellow commentators. Thanks!

    • Ok, nanti saya like :) kawan-kawan k.Em memang hebat2 belaka. Seronok tengok fb dan blog semua :)

  • nice giveaway….shaklee is good. sharpies pon menarikkk!

    • Dua-dua pun best :)

      • akak, nak hadiah no.2..:D

        • hehehe.

  • it will be interesting lets see who will be the top two end of month :D

    • let’s see tonight!

  • Love the 2nd prizee!! :D I want I want! :D hehehe

    • Kalau mahu, mari komen banyak-banyak :D

      • nak!

  • Assalamualakum, TQ for sharing about yr travels n the sponsors for the PRIZEs.


    • Waalaikumsalam. Sama-sama :)

  • Memang terbaik! Saya pun suka ! heheeh

    • saya pun!!

  • wow! your prizes just gets exiting :D

    • yup!

  • usaha tangga kejayaan!

    • Yes I see you

      • 72 comments in one night :D

  • Who wants to win, need work for it!!

  • Both prizes are attractive, I like second also. Hehe.. Wanna be second winner! Someone come comments more than me.

    • i want second prize also. hehe.

      • Still got time before commenting ends, anyone can still beat us

        • Come join us!

  • da lama xsinggah sini.. sebab blog list hilang.. akak bt GA wajib join…

  • nak sgt skectbook.. nanti akak bo;leh ajar line art..eh..eh..

  • :)

  • ;)

  • love the second price..
    i’ve been using prisma color all these time..

  • sharpieeee. i always use the twin tip sharpie markers. :D

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