Art & Places: Towards Peace, KL

When I visited Tugu Negara more than a week ago, I also got the chance to explore the ASEAN Garden located at the area. There are many sculptures in the garden and one that I like to highlight first is ‘Towards Peace’, a set of 6 sculptures that were created to present  ASEAN countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Phillippines and Malaysia. The sculptures symbolise  the progress of growth, unity, peace and harmony of ASEAN.

It was officially created in 1987 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of ASEAN (the Association of South-East Asian Nations) by Ms. Han Sai Por, a sculptor from Singapore.

Towards Peace by Han Sai Por

Han’s main sculptural expression depicts a sense of contrast between the hard surface of stone and the softness of organic shapes.

Have you visited ASEAN Garden?


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  1. Dalam bahasa melayu dipanggil arca. Masa saya study kat upsi, ada satu kawasan penuh dengan binaan arca di tempat sejarah. Setiap arca tu ada cerita nya tersendiri.

        1. Tu la. But dia have general description je of which I wrote here. If dia terangkan the rationale behind every sculpture kan best?! At least we know the meaning of the shapes and every little details she’s trying to bring out.

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